Juan O Savin Drops a BOMBSHELL!

One of the downsides of this wonderful tool called the internet is having to spend time sorting through the ubiquity of click bait to find the podcasts, interviews, etc. that truly deserve the hype of BOMBSHELL!”

This one qualifies as a potential bombshell. We emphasize potential—and so does Juan.

While we have enjoyed everything in the parts of this interview which we have heard so far, we have not had time to review it all.

On the advice of the several our SKM-MN team,” we skipped ahead to the SCOTUS-Congress part. (SCOTUS = Supreme Court of the U. S.)

Then we went back to the beginning and had to stop at 41 minutes into it due to the lateness of the hour last night. We are eager to hear the rest of it.

The bombshell part begins at about 2:18:00 and runs to 2:45:00, or you could listen for a few more minutes through Juan’s prayer to bring it to an end at 2:49:00.

Among the many battles going on behind the scenes, in this bombshell segment, Juan reveals a SCOTUS case that was accepted for review. What’s the big deal?

Well, we were unaware—and we would surmise that most of readers are likewise ignorant of the fact—that each year, the Supreme Court receives from five to eight thousand cases on appeal. They average hearing and ruling on only about 150-200 of those cases.

Why would they choose this obscure case, based on a case brought by a man in Ogden, Utah? Answer: Because of some immediate threats to the integrity (or what is left of it) of the SCOTUS itself. Juan explains in detail.

It concerns a multitude of members of Congress who have potentially committed treason against the United States and who could be taken into military custody in short order and tried for treason in a military tribunal!

Remember, neither Mr. 107 nor we are saying this will happen; only that it is a very real possibility. Since we were first alerted to this bombshell last Friday, there are now more internet influencer” hosts, such as Tom Numbers, who are now providing Juan the space to set forth the same theme on their channels.

We are enjoying this one, though, with three ladies hosting Juan. It is labeled: HammerTime Rapid Fire Q News ~ Magnetism, Faith and Technology ~ A Conversation with JUAN O SAVIN 11.25.22 Original Live.”

Our E. E. (Electrical Engineers) and other engineering friends will find an early segment of great interest. (Pssst, that’s you, Gary, Bob, Rob, Mike, Joe… any others out there?) We non-EE’s will find it easily understandable, too.

One of the ladies doing the interviewing of Juan rolls out a short video explaining what is called the Searle generator and requests Juan’s critique of it. (We and our EE friends have been familiar with the Searle device for decades.)

(Non-clickable screen shot)

We recommend watching it because the animation is done well and makes it rather simple to understand the basic principle.

Note: The early audio problems (echoes) in the show go away after a couple of minutes.

Then, at about 0:27:00 into the show, one of the women mentions her study of plasma physics. She brings up the subject of monatomic (aka, monoatomic) gold. Longtime listeners will recognize that term as we spent considerable time relating it to the Bible in our ISOS series.

(ISOS = From Inner Space to Outer Space, 20 CDs, of which six hours are also on DVD due to the need for visuals in the explanations. Still available in TWO? THREE? handsome DVD-style album cases, for the loss leader” price of $59 plus $6 s & h.) Here is a link to more information on our ISOS series. See CDs # 3 & 4 in particular.

Juan goes into extensive detail (we love it) about the physics of the sub-sub-atomic world (not to be confused with quantum” physics, an improper use of the term per Mr. 107).

Again, we are astounded and amazed at this man’s depth of knowledge of so many subjects and his ability to explain a subject so that almost everyone will be able to understand.

We and our EE friends have researched, discussed, and desired for decades for the Kingdom technology” which has been hidden for over a century to be brought out into production to bless the world.

But it cannot be done with the Mystery Babylonians in control; hence, the white hats’ generations-long plan to take her down, paving the way for the kingdom of heaven on earth!

This is a long one and we have not had time to review it all. On advice of the several SKM-MN team,” we skipped ahead to the SCOTUS-Congress part. Then we went back to the beginning and had to stop at 41 minutes into it. We are eager to hear the rest of it.

Here is the link, as found on Rumble.com with the three ladies from Utah. We look forward to our readers’ comments.


Posted Monday, November 28, 2022

November 28, 2022

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