Frequently Asked Questions

What is SKM?

Stone Kingdom Ministries (SKM) is a Christian Bible-teaching ministry focusing on in-depth studies of the Word of God. Learn more on our About page.

What does SKM believe?

We believe in the God of the Holy Christian Bible. You can view the About page under the Statement of Faith section for more details on our primary tenets of faith.

How do I contact SKM?


P.O. Box 5695 Asheville, NC 28813

Also reference our Contact page

How do I help support the ministry?

Any tithe or offering is welcome on our support page via PayPal or Stripe.

You can also support us by purchasing a subscription on our SKM Mighty Network, it is free to register and this is the best way to interact with our ministries as well as our community.

How do I stay up to date with SKM?

There are numerous ways to stay up to date with our ministries.

Subscribe to our weekly blog digests by submitting your email address.

Join our Mighty Network for the best notification experience and access to 100% of Dr. Bruggeman’s blog posts.

And if you like to keep it simple you can follow our blogs via RSS

What is FMS?

Feed My Sheep (FMS) is the monthly publication by Dr. Bruggeman and is sent out freely upon request.

When will the new site be done?

This site is an ongoing project for us at SKM as we aim to provide quality Bible-teaching digitally. We are also growing an online community on Mighty Networks

How do I navigate this site?

Across the top of every page is the navigation bar. To search for specific content use the search button.

You can view our list of tags and search our blog posts on the archives page.

Is SKM on social media?

Yes! We are working to create a page detailing other Stone Kingdom Ministries resources and platforms. Currently, we are on SoundCloud, Truth Social and Mighty Networks.