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Dr. Fauci Says Because of Social Media “Misinformation” it’s Difficult to Get Americans to “Adhere” to Authoritarian Covid Measures August 18, 2022 Health & COVID & CDC & Masks & Fauci We still have no photo personally taken by yours truly of our beloved CDC 😉, but we are posting this graphic from NPR (of all outlets!) and a story Seventeen Congressmen file lawsuit against CDC March 16, 2022 Health & Big Pharma & COVID & Masks & CDC March 14, 2022 This comes from a news release from Congressman Massie’s office. Emphasis mine—JWB. QUOTE: Representative Thomas Massie (R-KY) is CDC Finally Admits Cloth Masks Were Always Political Theater March 3, 2022 Health & COVID & Big Pharma & CDC & Masks (Suddenly—no masks!) Just in time for Joe Biden’s State of the Union address/debacle, came the discovery by the CDC that masks are no longer