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Brunson Case Hands the SCOTUS Another “Loaded Gun” May 25, 2023 Brunson & Supreme Court The U. S. Solicitor General, Elizabeth Prelogar, yesterday responded to the Brunson petition by saying “the Government hereby waives its right to Loy Brunson Update—Supreme Court Could Act Today May 24, 2023 Brunson & Supreme Court (Non-clickable screenshot) QUOTE: This new Docketed case #22-1028, allows the US Solicitor General, until the 24th of May, to respond. Once the This is potentially very big! Brunson case is back on the SCOTUS docket February 4, 2023 SCOTUS & Brunson One of our east coast Mighty Network members and correspondents alerted us to this encouraging news. Thank you, dear one! We have verified it at the Brunson brothers’ SCOTUS case isn't about Trump or the election outcome. December 2, 2022 Encouragement & SCOTUS & Brunson This is very encouraging news from Loy Brunson! So much so that I could not leave the link simply sitting there in our Mighty Networks Comments