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Wokeism snuggles with Marxism... June 6, 2023 Marxism & Woke & Wokeism Given our commentary in yesterday’s blog on the relatively sudden emergence of “being woke,” and the maelstrom of cultural and societal suicide (and Get Woke, Go Broke: Bed Bath & Beyond Turns off AC June 30, 2022 Woke & Bed Bath and Beyond & Mike Lindell & MyPillow Or as we have stated it to companies pandering to, or leading the Leftist putsch for “wokism,” “You go woke, you go broke!” I quit shopping at BBBY Deprogramming From the ‘Woke’ Cult June 16, 2022 Words as Weapons & Word Perversion & Keri & Woke & Deprogramming & Social Justice Warrior & SJW & White Supremacist & Cult Regular readers have seen me emphasize and encourage us to use the term “awaken,” or “wake up,” as opposed to “being ‘woke’.” This story is an