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Nesara / Gesara Debunked? Clarified? April 22, 2024
Devin Nunes—The Deep State Trying to Destroy TruthSocial Because it’s the People’s Voice—We Are Winning April 19, 2024
Juan O Savin Discusses Big Changes Happening. Are You Prepared? April 12, 2024
A Tale of Two States, part 3 April 3, 2024
A Tale of Two States, part 2 of 2 April 2, 2024
A Tale of Two States April 1, 2024
Was the Baltimore Bridge Collapse a False Flag, a “Black Swan” Event? March 28, 2024
Uncensored—The National Security State & the Inversion of Democracy March 26, 2024
Alina Habba – We are witnessing election interference at the highest level. March 19, 2024
Juan O Savin—Because IT must be SAID March 15, 2024
Tina Peters & 107—Undeniable Proof—How They Stole The 2020 Election March 14, 2024
Item 1 - Mr. 107 discussing the Rothschilds, Sen. McConnell, and much more. Item 2 - James (B.) sharing local activities. March 6, 2024
Juan discusses Antarctica, breakaway civilizations, flat earth, the other physics, and more March 1, 2024
Lara Logan exposes corporate media-government collusion February 29, 2024
How Propagandists Co-Opted ‘Fact-Checkers’ and the Press to Control the Information Landscape, part three February 26, 2024
How Propagandists Co-Opted ‘Fact-Checkers’ and the Press to Control the Information Landscape, part two February 23, 2024
How Propagandists Co-Opted ‘Fact-Checkers’ and the Press to Control the Information Landscape, part one. February 22, 2024
The reason Juan is in Antarctica – Interviewed by Shemane (Mrs. Ted) Nugent February 21, 2024
The Truth about Ukraine - Col Douglas Macgregor February 15, 2024
Who really won the 2020 election? February 14, 2024
Juan O Savin in Antarctica February 13, 2024
The main show is coming—Juan O Savin February 5, 2024
High level trafficking and financial whistleblower shot in D.C. January 31, 2024
The race is not to the Swift… January 30, 2024
Defending your soul against deadly weapons of mass DISTRACTION January 26, 2024
Hacking the human brain - the techno-psycho-war raging against our souls! January 25, 2024
Nikki Haley and the Comets (Her fake star is being extinguished!) January 23, 2024
John McCain’s Mob Connections January 17, 2024
Kerry Cassidy and Mike Jaco discuss - Are White Hat operations and their front man Trump about to get left behind by We the People? January 13, 2024
UFO and creature story for our collective (body of Christ) discernment January 9, 2024
Juan O Savin on the Elohim as God or gods and space aliens December 27, 2023
Devin Nunes on X22—It Has Begun, The Message Was Sent, Obama Is Forcing Biden Out, Right On Schedule December 22, 2023
Juan O Savin detailing where we are now December 20, 2023
Juan O Savin discusses the real wealth of the USA (land and resources) being grabbed by the cabal via the stock market and AI December 13, 2023
Juan O Savin on the art of deception December 5, 2023
JFK and the NWO Bloodline Families December 4, 2023
Juan O Savin teaches about magnetism and attraction December 1, 2023
Tucker Carlson interviews Congressman Tim Burchett regarding his committee’s findings on UFOs November 30, 2023
The deep state is running out of options. It had to be this way. November 29, 2023
By eating fast foods, are we unwittingly ingesting contraceptives and various chemicals with terrible side effects? November 28, 2023
MTG – DC Is Worse Than You Can Imagine, Swamp Runs Deep, Leverage Is Now Shifting November 27, 2023
Juan O Savin - "BOMBSHELL - Something Big Is Coming" November 17, 2023
Juan O Savin shares deep insights on world events—Will the MAGADOR win against the Deep State? November 10, 2023
Juan O Savin is asked - Is that biblical Israel? November 6, 2023
Wow! Mike Johnson is the 45th (not the 118th) Speaker of the House! October 31, 2023
What to expect in the next 12-15 months—The quadrillion $ threat of the Deep State fraudsters October 27, 2023
Truth about Ivermectin—To preserve and restore liberty in the months ahead October 4, 2023
JUAN O SAVIN-Technology EBS, Towers, Wuhan, Crypto October 3, 2023
Juanito — “5 Months To Defeat Biden?” September 28, 2023
The Greatest Show on Earth (2023) September 19, 2023
Good stuff from Dr. Jan Halper September 15, 2023
Juan O Savin—Traitors selling out America—The coming counterpunch September 13, 2023
Derek Johnson on how Trump and the Military Put Together a 7-Year Plan; The Plan Is Operational August 30, 2023
JUAN O SAVIN-Missed Connections-Dr. Jan Halper-NINO 8 24 2023 August 28, 2023
Juan O Savin at the Open the Heavens—Let God Arise Event in Chicago August 23, 2023
Two interviews with Juan O Savin on the truth about Richard Nixon August 18, 2023
Juan O Savin on the Nixon-Trump Connection and Other Intriguing Facts August 17, 2023
Dr. Sherry Tenpenny interviews Juan O Savin about the Arkansas story August 15, 2023
Dr. Jan Halper-Hayes eviscerates British TV news hosts with Truth bombs! August 8, 2023
Here’s One (-Oh-Seven) for your perusal this weekend July 14, 2023
Summer Camp in Idaho for the Cabalista-Mystery Babylonians July 13, 2023
107 is “watching the water” (a reference to Q) … on the Nile July 7, 2023
Juan O Savin and the Symbolism of the Green Man July 6, 2023
How Elites Will Create a New Class of Slaves—Whitney Webb with Glenn Beck June 30, 2023
“Sound of Freedom” with Jim Caviezel and Devin Nunes June 27, 2023
Give this your utmost attention - Juan O Savin and Mike Gill—How to win the game? June 26, 2023
The Great Voice of Mystery Babylon, part 3 June 22, 2023
The Great Voice of Mystery Babylon, part 2 June 21, 2023
The Great Voice of Mystery Babylon June 20, 2023
Devin Nunes – Plumbers Have Infiltrated the Country, Investigators Need to be Investigating June 19, 2023
Dr. Naomi Wolf - Another prominent woman speaks out boldly for truth! November 1, 2022
Who is George Soros? January 17, 2020

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