Dr. Naomi Wolf: Another prominent woman speaks out boldly for truth!

First, a few notes about this prominent woman. Here are excerpts from the Wikipediaentry about her. As usual, all *emphases* and words in [brackets] are mine.—JWB.]

QUOTE: Naomi Rebekah Wolf (born November 12, 1962) is an American feminist author and journalist.[1][3][4][5]

Following her first book The Beauty Myth (1991), she became a leading spokeswoman of what has been described as the third wave of the feminist movement.[6][7]

Feminists including Gloria Steinem and Betty Friedan praised her work. Others, including Camille Paglia, criticized it. In the 1990s, she was a political advisor to the presidential campaigns of Bill Clinton and Al Gore.[8]

…Wolf was born in San Francisco, to a Jewish family.[16][17] Her mother is Deborah Goleman Wolf, an anthropologist and the author of The Lesbian Community.[6]

Her father was Leonard Wolf, a Romanian-born scholar of gothic horror novels, faculty member at San Francisco State University, and Yiddish translator. Leonard Wolf died from Parkinson’s disease on March 20, 2019.[18]…

[So, once she was a darling of the Left, but now she has become persona non grata—a pariah. What happened? She was awakened! She is now stunned and shocked and has the courage to call it what it is: genocide. Being Jewish, she can, of course, make the valid comparison of Pfizer’s work to the hideous work of the Nazi, Dr. Josef Mengele. Wikipedia continues:]

Since around 2014, Wolf has been described, by journalists and media outlets, as a conspiracy theorist.[a] She has received criticism for promoting misinformation on topics such as beheadings carried out by ISIS, the Western African Ebola virus epidemic and Edward Snowden.[10][11][12]

She has objected to COVID-19 lockdowns and has criticized COVID-19 vaccines.[13][14] In June 2021, her Twitter account was suspended for posting anti-vaccine misinformation.[15] END QUOTE

With that background, we now proceed to her current work.

Dr Naomi Wolf — Pfizer Docs, Miscarriages and the War on Life

QUOTE: Dr Wolf and Daily Clout have been central to unpacking Pfizer’s data dumps.

The legacy media simply does not care and will not touch this ever-evolving story, so it falls to heroes like Dr Naomi Wolf and her Daily Clout volunteers to trawl through and make sense of these documents.

The big question….. What is Pfizer trying to hide?

In this interview Naomi shares the revelations about them trying to suppress the miscarriage rates, which appear to be off the scale.

We discuss the images that have been released of hideously damaged placentas, does this show that the jabs are even effecting [sic; should be affecting] unborn babies?

Shocking. Yes. Difficult to comprehend this evil. Yes. […Unless one has a biblical understanding of evil in God’s sovereign plan. Discussed and taught in detail in our book, Sacred Secrets of the Sovereignty of God, and in even more detail in our lecture series, God’s Plan for Man, which includes the material in the book.]

But these are the only logical conclusions we can come to as this tsunami of data slowly works its way into the public domain. END QUOTE

There is then a video interview of Dr. Wolf which runs about 52 minutes. The excerpt above and the video are linked here.

Next, here is a recent article by Dr. Wolf which appeared on a New Age” website. It was headlined, Dear Friends, Sorry to Announce a Genocide. It was sent to us here at SKM by our mild-mannered field reporter / correspondent who lives in the upper Midwest. QUOTE:

By Dr Naomi Wolf

It’s Really True: They Know they are Killing the Babies

I’ve been silent for some weeks. Forgive me. [This is what happens to a newbie when you finally decide to do your own homework…you are stupefied by the enormity (Not the same as enormous.” This word means: horror, heinousness, monstrousness, wickedness, atrociousness) of the truth…]

The truth is: I’ve been rendered almost speechless — or the literary equivalent of that — because recently I’ve had the unenviable task of trying to announce to the world that indeed, a genocide — or what I’ve called, clumsily but urgently, a baby die-off” — is underway.

The WarRoom / DailyClout Pfizer Documents Research Volunteers, a group of 3000 highly credentialled doctors, RNs, biostatisticians, medical fraud investigators, lab clinicians and research scientists, have been turning out report after report, as you may know, to tell the world what is in the 55,000 internal Pfizer documents which the FDA had asked a court to keep under wraps for 75 years.

[The court said, no, release them all within six months.] By court order, these documents were forcibly disclosed. And our experts are serving humanity by reading through these documents and explaining them in lay terms. You can find all of the Volunteers’ reports on DailyClout.io.

The lies revealed are stunning.

The WarRoom / DailyClout Volunteers have confirmed: that Pfizer (and thus the FDA) knew by December 2020 that the MRNA vaccines did not work — that they waned in efficacy” and presented vaccine failure.” One side effect of getting vaccinated, as they knew by one month after the mass 2020 rollout, was COVID.”

Pfizer knew in May of 2021 that 35 minors’ hearts had been damaged a week after MRNA injection — but the FDA rolled out the EUA [Emergency Use Authorization] for teens a month later anyway, and parents did not get a press release from the US government about heart harms til August of 2021, after thousands of teens were vaccinated.


Pfizer (and thus the FDA; many of the documents say FDA: CONFIDENTIAL at the lower boundary) knew that, contrary to what the highly paid spokesmodels and bought-off physicians were assuring people, the MRNA, spike protein and lipid nanoparticles did not stay in the injection site in the deltoid, but rather went, within 48 hours, into the bloodstream, from there to lodge in the liver, spleen, adrenals, lymph nodes, and, if you are a woman, in the ovaries.


Pfizer (and thus the FDA) knew that the Moderna vaccine had 100 mcg of MRNA, lipid nanoparticles and spike protein, which was more than three times the 30 mcg of the adult Pfizer dose; the company’s internal documents show a higher rate of adverse events with the 100 mcg dose, so they stopped experimenting with that amount internally due to its reactogenicity” — Pfizer’s words — but no one told all of the millions of Americans who all got the first and second 100 mcg Moderna dose, and the boosters.

Pfizer skewed the trial subjects so that almost three quarters were female — a gender that is less prone to cardiac damage. Pfizer lost the records of what became of hundreds of their trial subjects.

In the internal trials, there were over 42,000 adverse events and more than 1200 people died. Four of the people who died, died on the day they were injected. END QUOTE

The excerpts above are not even half of the information Dr. Wolf sets forth. Most of our regular readers are no doubt acquainted with much of the information, but this essay by Dr. Wolf is an excellent summary of it and thus a good resource with which to begin red-pilling friends and family (they are often the toughest, aren’t they?)

Here is the link to the entire essay.


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