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Kash Patel – The House is too Rotten. It Must be Cleaned, Trump Can Drain the Swamp May 1, 2024 Politics & Red Pill & X22 This is very fresh; just posted today. Kash gives clarity to many of the events happening daily, including the cabal-funded protests on college The race is not to the Swift… January 30, 2024 Current Events & Red Pill & X22 Ecclesiastes 9:11 I returned, and saw under the sun, that the race is not to the swift… In a prophetic passage predicting judgment upon Egypt (the Devin Nunes on X22—It Has Begun, The Message Was Sent, Obama Is Forcing Biden Out, Right On Schedule December 22, 2023 Current Events & X22 & Red Pill For this holiday weekend, we leave you with this interview of Devin Nunes, the former Californian Congressman who, under the Republican majority, The deep state is running out of options. It had to be this way. November 29, 2023 Current Events & Deep State & Red Pill & X22 We know there are many in our audience who have almost given up hope that the wicked will ever be brought to justice. We certainly sympathize with Flynn/Clark – [WEF] Is Involved In The Border Invasion, The People Are Fighting Back, The [DS] Is Feeling The Pain October 10, 2023 X22 & Current Events & Politics This interview was posted on Dave “Episode’s” X22 Report site on October 7, 2023. At one point, Dave begins to bring up the military option, but Kash Patel explains where we are and what needs to be done by “we the people.” October 2, 2023 X22 & Current Events & Politics The House could use a 150-year-old law to arrest people. Will the Obama’s take the bait? Devin Nunes – Plumbers Have Infiltrated the Country, Investigators Need to be Investigating June 19, 2023 X22 & Red Pill We recommend our readers hear/view this podcast interview by “Dave Episode” (of the X22 Reports channel) with his guest, the former California A Most Excellent Interview of Devin Nunes—the US Has Been Infiltrated—Truth Will Make Us Free June 2, 2023 X22 & Deep State Devin Nunes is the excellent, former Congressman from California, a farmer by trade, who was the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. Along Rogan O’ Handley Says Trump Tweeted the Mechanism to Spring the Insurrection Act June 1, 2023 Trump & X22 & Deep State This is an interview by “Dave Episode” of X22 Reports with Rogan O’ Handley, aka DC Draino. We have noticed many of DC Draino’s social media posts