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Prayer is Power June 24, 2024 Prayer & Teaching As an interlude between my first four essays (blogs) concerning prayer, and my original essays to come, we offer this from the archives of our We Are Watching a Movie-Ten Proofs June 21, 2024 Red Pill & Q This past week we received an email from our good friend, Ray (of Light, our nickname for him), from Pennsylvania. He included links to a two-part “…a Threat to Our Democracy!” June 19, 2024 Politics & Teaching Ephesians 6:10 Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might. 11 Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to The Divinity of Christ, part 19 June 18, 2024 Divinity of Christ & Teaching This will be probably be the penultimate blog in our series on the divinity of Christ. We have been showing in numerous ways a multitude of biblical The Divine Promise of Your Bodily Resurrection June 17, 2024 Articles & Teaching We hope you are blessed by this study of one of the fundamental doctrines of our Christian faith—the resurrection of your body. It was written by Juan O Savin - The Way Ahead—Years to Rebuild June 14, 2024 Red Pill & Juan O Savin & 107 We have had an extraordinarily busy week, with little time to view podcasts. But our friend, Texas Pat, sent along these two parts of a June 6 The Divinity of Christ, part 18 June 13, 2024 Divinity of Christ & Teaching We left off last time in Isaiah 40, and we shall return there shortly, but first, let us examine a passage in John, chapter 7. John 7:37 In the last How to Pray, part 4 June 12, 2024 Teaching & Prayer As we are talking about the mechanics of prayer, this leads us to Jesus’ instructions on how to pray. In the gospel of Matthew, chapter 5, we find An Astonishing VP Choice “Forced” on Trump? June 11, 2024 Current Events & Politics Back in March this year when Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. announced his pick for his Vice-Presidential running mate, the Democrats panicked. He had picked Flying High Lately? Or is it too risky? June 10, 2024 Current Events & Articles No, we are not referring to using drugs, but to air travel. Have you flown on commercial airlines lately? I try to avoid it unless there is no Brunson Brothers Case Update re 2020 Election Results June 7, 2024 Politics & SCOTUS Remember this case? The four trumpet-playing brothers from Utah? Their case against hundreds of federal and other public officials ended up in the How to Pray, part 3 June 6, 2024 Teaching & Prayer As we continue examining some of the basic principles of prayer, we want to look now at the various… Most of the time when any of us think of That Wicked Weed—Poison Ivy June 5, 2024 Health & Poison Ivy There is a very popular microbrewery in Asheville called The Wicked Weed. It is in a building that was first a gas station, and then an auto and The Divinity of Christ, part 17 June 4, 2024 Divinity of Christ & Teaching In our last installment, we were discussing 1 John 4, verse 1-3. We briefly mentioned the tremendous influence that C. I. Scofield and his 495,000 Sealed Indictments—Wa-a-a-ay more than normal! June 3, 2024 Red Pill & Current Events & Politics Remember, as Q often said, “you’re watching a show,” and Juan O Savin (Mr. 107) confirms it by sometimes telling listeners to “get your popcorn Trump found guilty! …of What? May 31, 2024 Current Events & Politics I write this on Friday, May 31, 2024—the day after the “wake-up call” to all America: the verdict finding Donald J. Trump guilty on 34 counts of… How to Pray, part 2 May 30, 2024 Teaching & Prayer Let’s pose another basic question about prayer. And that is… The simple answer is that if we are talking about prayer in general, anybody can pray. The Divinity of Christ, part 16 May 29, 2024 Divinity of Christ & Teaching This will be the last set of blogs (perhaps 3-5 more) in my series on the divinity of Christ. The first set of blogs were related to The Arian How to Pray—From Basics to Advanced May 28, 2024 Teaching & Prayer As more and more Christians are being suddenly awakened to the dire predicament of a government seemingly having gone insane, with our God-given The Divinity of Christ, part 15 May 24, 2024 Divinity of Christ & Teaching In demonstrating that Jesus is God, we have seen that Yahweh-God says that He will not give His glory to anybody else. To stress the point: only God The Divinity of Christ, part 14 May 23, 2024 Divinity of Christ & Teaching We are continuing to pile Bible passage upon passage to overwhelmingly demonstrate that Jesus is God, the only God, who is the Creator and Sustainer 17-17-17 (i.e., Q cubed!) May 21, 2024 Red Pill & 107 & Juan O Savin Writeside Blonde is conducting her 107th interview on the 17th of the month, this one, appropriately, with Mr. 107. This was sent to us by one of Ten Days Of Darkness and How Might It Go May 20, 2024 Red Pill & 107 & Juan O Savin This is only about 26 minutes in length, but very important for all of U.S. and Juan expounds why. This is one major reason why we have been Have we talked about this weird “coincidence?” May 17, 2024 Current Events & Red Pill In the past week or so, the media suddenly learned (and told us all immediately) that Barron Trump had been selected to be a delegate to the The Storm is Coming May 16, 2024 Red Pill We know that among our red-pilled readers, the quotation above will ring a bell. It was spoken by President Trump early in his first term, while in Juan O Savin on how the Black Swan event is commencing with financial crises in Japan May 15, 2024 Current Events & Red Pill & 107 Nino interviews/interrupts Juan an aggravating number of times as Juan holds forth from a boat off the coast of Japan. (But I am trying to remember The Divinity of Christ, part 13 May 14, 2024 Divinity of Christ & Teaching We continue with our plethora of proofs of the divinity (deity) of Jesus Christ. This section has to do with worship. When I was a boy, being raised Thunderball and No Time to Die-007 and 107 May 13, 2024 Red Pill & Current Events & 107 We begin with reference to our post last Friday concerning Juan O Savin’s discussion with James Grundvig, and how Mr. 107 casually mentioned a Juan O Savin discussing - Where are we now? DRAIN IT! May 10, 2024 Red Pill & 107 & Juan O Savin Several people sent us a link to this recent interview of Juan O Savin. I agree with the comments from one of our correspondents who wrote this: The Divinity of Christ, part 12 May 9, 2024 Divinity of Christ & Teaching Now let us return to this idea of the Father saying: “Sit at my right hand, Son, until I make your enemies your footstool.” We know this was and is
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