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Mr. 107 - Be Prepared for the Unexpected! July 6, 2024 Red Pill & 107 & Juan O Savin For your holiday weekend enlightenment (courtesy of Jaco) and entertainment (courtesy of Nino’s antics) 😎, this first offering was recorded Juan O Savin - The Way Ahead—Years to Rebuild June 14, 2024 Red Pill & Juan O Savin & 107 We have had an extraordinarily busy week, with little time to view podcasts. But our friend, Texas Pat, sent along these two parts of a June 6 17-17-17 (i.e., Q cubed!) May 21, 2024 Red Pill & 107 & Juan O Savin Writeside Blonde is conducting her 107th interview on the 17th of the month, this one, appropriately, with Mr. 107. This was sent to us by one of Ten Days Of Darkness and How Might It Go May 20, 2024 Red Pill & 107 & Juan O Savin This is only about 26 minutes in length, but very important for all of U.S. and Juan expounds why. This is one major reason why we have been Juan O Savin discussing - Where are we now? DRAIN IT! May 10, 2024 Red Pill & 107 & Juan O Savin Several people sent us a link to this recent interview of Juan O Savin. I agree with the comments from one of our correspondents who wrote this: What’s on Juan’s Mind Today? Weekend Bonus - SG Anon April 26, 2024 Red Pill & 107 & Juan O Savin Did you ever think about what it would be like to be in the upper echelons of the cabal? As we learn more and more via red pill educators online Nesara / Gesara Debunked? Clarified? April 22, 2024 Red Pill & 107 & Juan O Savin John Michael Chambers queries Juan in this episode from last Thursday concerning the following and more: NESARA / GESARA defined — A “feather Juan O Savin Discusses Big Changes Happening. Are You Prepared? April 12, 2024 Red Pill & Juan O Savin & 107 For your weekend enlightenment, we offer this recent interview of Juan O Savin (Mr. 107) on the “His Glory” program. There were several “Juan talks” Will the U.S. Presidential Election Actually Occur on Time? A Juan O Savin Dialogue April 8, 2024 Politics & 107 & Juan O Savin Mel Carmine on the mainland interviews Juan O Savin and Tina Peters as they are sitting at the shore in Hawaii. Here are a few short excerpts which Juan O Savin—Because IT must be SAID March 15, 2024 Juan O Savin & Current Events & Red Pill This just in from our trusted correspondent in Georgia. I have not had time to watch it all yet, but will get to it this weekend. I did get past the Tina Peters & 107—Undeniable Proof—How They Stole The 2020 Election March 14, 2024 Politics & Red Pill & 107 & Juan O Savin Juan is on the show for only the first few minutes setting the stage for Tina. We ourselves (and we are sure that many of our readers) have been Juan discusses Antarctica, breakaway civilizations, flat earth, the other physics, and more March 1, 2024 Juan O Savin & 107 & Red Pill First, we offer a few of the dozens of bullet points we made, but we need not put them all here. This should be sufficient. Regarding breakaway The reason Juan is in Antarctica – Interviewed by Shemane (Mrs. Ted) Nugent February 21, 2024 Current Events & 107 & Juan O Savin & Red Pill Why is Iran now claiming to have a part of Antarctica? In our view it is to let the world know that they (Iran) know what is going on down there in Juan O Savin in Antarctica February 13, 2024 Juan O Savin & 107 & Red Pill This email and link came while I was gone. Good morning, James, I know this is your lecture weekend but I thought I would drop you a quick note. You The main show is coming—Juan O Savin February 5, 2024 Juan O Savin & 107 & Red Pill We had not heard or seen any brand new interviews of Juan O Savin in some time. No wonder; he’s been in Argentina. Wonder what he’s doing down Juan O Savin on the Elohim as God or gods and space aliens December 27, 2023 Red Pill & 107 & Juan O Savin True to form, Juan is always reluctant to say anything negative about someone he feels he can learn from, and thus his comments about Clif (that’s Juan O Savin detailing where we are now December 20, 2023 Red Pill & Juan O Savin & 107 We praise God for our regular correspondents/field reporters who send us links—often along with their comments—concerning a given podcast. For it is Juan O Savin discusses the real wealth of the USA (land and resources) being grabbed by the cabal via the stock market and AI December 13, 2023 Current Events & Red Pill & 107 & Juan O Savin QUOTE: Another shorty with some interesting new ideas. They try to power this through as Juan is going out of the CONUS. SCOTUS and the FED Courts Juan O Savin on the art of deception December 5, 2023 Red Pill & 107 & Juan O Savin This is part three of Tom “Numbers’” extended interview with Juan O Savin (107). Here are some of my notes: The art of deception in magic, JFK and the NWO Bloodline Families December 4, 2023 Red Pill & 107 & Juan O Savin We had hoped to post this on our Mighty Network platform this past Saturday, but we spent the better part of the day working on our December Feed My Juan O Savin teaches about magnetism and attraction December 1, 2023 Red Pill & 107 & Juan O Savin Let us say it this way: Tom “Numbers” is not one of our favorite interviewers. For that reason, we advise skipping ahead to about the 26 minute Juan O Savin - "BOMBSHELL - Something Big Is Coming" November 17, 2023 Juan O Savin & 107 & Red Pill Excuse me a moment while I vent concerning this headline which is so typical of so many websites. When everything is a “BOMBSHELL” update (in all Juan O Savin shares deep insights on world events—Will the MAGADOR win against the Deep State? November 10, 2023 Juan O Savin & 107 & Red Pill This interview occurred early yesterday morning (November 9th). I skimmed through the first seven minutes where Jaco shows Roseanne Barr’s theatrics Juan O Savin is asked - Is that biblical Israel? November 6, 2023 Juan O Savin & 107 & Red Pill & Israel Rick (the host of Blessed2Teach) interviewed Juan O Savin (107) on November 1st. He begins by bringing up the present Israeli-Hamas conflict, saying Why are the Rothschilds selling at auction numerous items from their centuries of collecting? October 25, 2023 Current Events & 107 & Juan O Savin & Rothschilds This brief video was evidently recorded last Thursday, October 19th. From the Juan O Savin Presentations website (whoever that is, and we shall not Juan O Savin—Election fraud analysis, semaphore October 9, 2023 107 & Juan O Savin & Politics When Trump was queried regarding becoming Speaker of the House (second in line for the Presidency), he replied [paraphrased] “If they ask me, I JUAN O SAVIN-Technology EBS, Towers, Wuhan, Crypto October 3, 2023 107 & Juan O Savin & Red Pill It is early afternoon and we just received a link to this interview yesterday by Mel Carmine with Juan O Savin. We are switching horses to post this Juanito — “5 Months To Defeat Biden?” September 28, 2023 107 & Juan O Savin & Red Pill & Politics As we had hoped for, here is a short interview with Juan O Savin weighing in with his opinion on the meaning of Trump’s deliberate (or was it a Juan O Savin—Traitors selling out America—The coming counterpunch September 13, 2023 107 & Juan O Savin & Red Pill (Non-clickable screenshot) We made these few bullet point notes while watching Mr. 107 being interviewed by Nino which was posted on September 5. JUAN O SAVIN-Missed Connections-Dr. Jan Halper-NINO 8 24 2023 August 28, 2023 Juan O Savin & 107 & Red Pill We have watched this interview with Juan and Dr. Halper. It’s not that long and worth a listen. Juan uses the term “pause,” but as the blog-poster Juan O Savin at the Open the Heavens—Let God Arise Event in Chicago August 23, 2023 Juan O Savin & 107 & Red Pill QUOTE: This is the PRESENTATION that Juan O Savin did at the OPEN THE HEAVENS- LET GOD ARISE Event from Chicago on AUGUST 19 2023. Meri Crouley Two interviews with Juan O Savin on the truth about Richard Nixon August 18, 2023 Juan O Savin & 107 & Red Pill This interview occurs with Juan visiting the Richard Milhous Nixon Presidential Library and Birthplace in California. It “features” Nino’s obnoxious Juan O Savin on the Nixon-Trump Connection and Other Intriguing Facts August 17, 2023 Juan O Savin & 107 & Red Pill This short interview of Juan O Savin by Field McConnell is extraordinary information—mostly historical, concerning Richard Milhous Nixon’s career Dr. Sherry Tenpenny interviews Juan O Savin about the Arkansas story August 15, 2023 Juan O Savin & 107 & Red Pill She, too, is a courteous host which makes the podcast a joy to listen to, in terms of ease of listening. Of course, dealing with certain subject Here’s One (-Oh-Seven) for your perusal this weekend July 14, 2023 Red Pill & 107 & Juan O' Savin This just in from one of our Texas correspondents (and just in time to save me a lot of work, for I have been rushing to get the next lecture done 107 is “watching the water” (a reference to Q) … on the Nile July 7, 2023 Red Pill & 107 & Juan O' Savin & Q Mr. 107 (Juan O Savin) was cruising on the Nile River when he connected with Ethan Lucas on July 2nd for this interview. Here is the promotional Juan O Savin and the Symbolism of the Green Man July 6, 2023 Red Pill & 107 & Juan O' Savin What is a “Green Man?” A little “man” from Mars? A male who is a radical environmentalist? (such as “Resident” Joe Buy-den or a female version Give this your utmost attention - Juan O Savin and Mike Gill—How to win the game? June 26, 2023 Red Pill & Juan O' Savin & 107 This is huge! According to Mr. Gill and Juan O Savin, this is taking “the game” to another and much higher level, to Casino Royale, to use 107’s George Magazine Redux July 13, 2022 107 & Juan O Savin & Trump Redux—a term from the French language meaning: revived, brought back, returned, or revisited. This is super-exciting for those who have been paying