Juan O Savin detailing where we are now

We praise God for our regular correspondents/field reporters who send us links—often along with their comments—concerning a given podcast. For it is days like today, when the sun is already going down here in the east and our day has been so full that there is no time for me to write a substantive blog. And I have many topics staying warm on the burner.

This podcast was brought to our attention by a dear sister in Georgia. We were able to connect while I was driving from one commitment to another. She had just sent me another podcast a day ago with a precautionary word.

I stayed up late last night to hear the whole thing through, and she and I discussed it with our discernment antennae extended to the max. We both agreed it was not advisable to give it more airtime” by SKM posting it.

It was very depressing to listen to. She and I both wondered if it is a disinformation operation, but in any event, we shall know in two weeks whether this man has any credibility left.

This podcast below is introduced by Nino as he is alluding vaguely to the aforementioned downer” podcast. Juan jumps right in and disagrees completely. That is in the first couple minutes.

I have no time right now to listen to the whole thing, and so it is helpful to have reliable discernments by a brother or sister in Christ, so that I can post it (she heard the whole thing) and know we are not wasting our readers’ time.

Here is the blurb by the Juan O Savin Presentations” guy/gal who reposted it on Rumble. QUOTE:

A very seasoned conversation on the Current BATTLEFIELD. This is about the WHISTLEBLOWERS and our WAY OUT of this Crisis of Consciousness. Prayer is required and the BATTLE ahead may loom heavy on many that just want to see this OVER.

I recall this same CRISIS that was in APRIL of 2022 for myself and others that really can be seen as over and over again surfacing as to good will and then the worst case scenario. I made it and so can you. Listen to the Details. And for 2024 The Year of JUSTICE END QUOTE

Juan O Savin with David Nino Rodriguez recorded on 12-17-2023. It runs 1:24:42.

Here is the link.


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