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Trump Eclipsing a 2001 Space Odyssey April 9, 2024 Trump Today, with lots of help from my IT Manager, whom some of you have met at our conferences, we established an account on TruthSocial (TS). At this Trump mentions Mike Gill's murder February 6, 2024 Current Events & Politics & Trump Mike Gill, who was in the Trump administration, and was shot by a supposed carjacker in D. C. last week has died of his wounds. In an interview last Did Mark Meadows, Sidney Powell and Jenna Ellis betray Donald Trump? November 14, 2023 Current Events & Politics & Trump As the cabal continues to go after President Trump in the four indictment cases, we have seen them also go after many in the upper echelons of The Greatest Show on Earth (2023) September 19, 2023 Trump & Red Pill QUOTE: This powerful documentary from Good Lion Films, produced and written by Nick Alvear, shares the Cabal takedown from the 2016 election, to the What do Nixon, Kennedy, and Trump have in common? September 14, 2023 Trump Before we get to today’s feature, I am happy to report that this morning I had my first (and probably only) follow-up visit with my surgeon. All my Derek Johnson on how Trump and the Military Put Together a 7-Year Plan; The Plan Is Operational August 30, 2023 Red Pill & Trump & Plan Our friend, Allen Snow—who joins with us when he can at our SKF-Tennessee, and whom some of you know from his having been a teacher at some of our Dr. Jan Halper-Hayes eviscerates British TV news hosts with Truth bombs! August 8, 2023 Politics & Red Pill & Trump Dr. Jan Halper-Hayes is an American expatriate living in Great Britain and is an activist in Republicans Overseas. She was part of Trump’s Happy Birthday, Mr. President! June 14, 2023 Trump & POTUS Today is the 77th birthday of Donald John Trump (DJT). In the Bible, the number seven is associated with completion and perfection. Enjoy a double Rogan O’ Handley Says Trump Tweeted the Mechanism to Spring the Insurrection Act June 1, 2023 Trump & X22 & Deep State This is an interview by “Dave Episode” of X22 Reports with Rogan O’ Handley, aka DC Draino. We have noticed many of DC Draino’s social media posts Jan. 6 Committee Votes to Subpoena Trump October 14, 2022 Articles & Politics & Election & Trump Anyone who thinks that Donald J. Trump did not foresee this possibility is simply not paying attention. We not only believe DJT (and the white hat Biden’s Dark Speech / Trump’s Hopeful Speech September 6, 2022 Politics & Trump & Trump Rally Last Thursday evening at 8 p.m., September 1, 2022, Joe Bidan (misspelling deliberate) gave a speech in front of Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Musing on Donald's details July 29, 2022 AFPI & Trump First, a word on words…lest someone fail to understand my use of the word musing in the headline. So, “for those of you in Carthagena, Ohio,…” the The Mysterious Death of Ivana Trump July 26, 2022 Ivana Trump & Ivana & Trump & Current Events Our readers are fully aware that we are in a world war for the fate of freedom for unknown centuries into the future. This war has been going on for George Magazine Redux July 13, 2022 107 & Juan O Savin & Trump Redux—a term from the French language meaning: revived, brought back, returned, or revisited. This is super-exciting for those who have been paying Clinton lawyer Sussman found not guilty! Trump Responds June 1, 2022 Sussmann & Trump & Justice & Legal None calleth for justice, nor any pleadeth for truth: they trust in vanity, and speak lies; they conceive mischief, and bring forth iniquity. - The English Channeler, part 4: CERN’s Alice and Atlas December 17, 2021 Trump & Quantum & English Channeler & Starlink & CERN To save myself time in having to repeat and summarize, here is a link to part 3 of The English Channeler. If you looked closely at the aerial view The English Channeler, part 3: CERN December 15, 2021 Trump & Quantum & English Channeler & Starlink & CERN For a new reader coming across this writing, it would be very helpful for you to have first read part 1 (Dec. 6) and part 2 (Dec. 7) in this series. The English Channeler, part 2 December 7, 2021 Trump & Quantum & English Channeler & Starlink Funny how one can read over one’s writing numerous times and never see an obvious error. That’s where proofreaders are very helpful, but alas, I do The English Channeler (pun intended) December 6, 2021 Trump & Quantum & English Channeler & Starlink This will be a lesson in Christian spiritual discernment. Given the ubiquity of the internet, we are all flooded at all times, with information of