Redux—a term from the French language meaning: revived, brought back, returned, or revisited.

This is super-exciting for those who have been paying attention (i.e., having been red-pilled or are in the process of same). George magazine coming back?! Golly gee, I wonder what this could mean!? (Sarcasm)

If you have no idea of the thrilling significance of this, then you can get up to speed on this particular news event and much more by reading our blogs from Wednesday, May 18, 2022, entitled Juan O’Savin with Tom Numbers and Rachel of Writeside Blonde, part 2.

(Above: Rachel Writeside blonde,” analyst of messages in various George magazines)

And our blog of May 19, 2022, entitled Juan O’Savin with Tom Numbers and Rachel of Writeside Blonde, part 3: Trump’s Music Codes.

A man named Gene Ho recently posted this message on his Facebook account. It is the first post on his page (so we are informed by our close friend; we do not do” Facebook). The second post is of the upcoming George Magazine cover and that it is coming back.

Mr. Ho was Trump’s personal photographer for the 2016 Trump Campaign. Here he is being interviewed by Mike Huckabee and promoting his book entitled TRUMPography—How Biblical Principles Paved the Way to the American Presidency.

The subtitle piques my curiosity. I shall have to obtain a copy. Ho professes to be a Christian. (We are not at all implying he is a phony since we had never heard of him before a day or two ago when a good friend sent the Times Square/George link.)

Mr. Ho’s appearance on the Huckabee show is dated May 4, 2019. It runs 5:56.

A quick web search also reveals that Gene Ho ran for Mayor of Myrtle Beach, SC in 2021. Despite being attacked by Rolling Stone and other fake news (Babylonian Medianites: example here) as being a QAnon” conspiracy theorist, Ho managed to be the runner-up to the incumbent out of five candidates.

We’re glad he is now free to take on the job of Editor-in-Chief of George magazine. Again, be sure to read (or re-read) my posts linked above of Juan O’ Savin re: George, Rachel Writeside Blonde, and the JFK, Jr. and Donald J. Trump connections!

Just remember our rule-of-thumb: What’s the difference between conspiracy theories” and the conspiracy theories turning out to be true? Answer: about three weeks—down from about six months, which was down from about 18 months, just a year or two ago.

Finally, here is a 40-second video with Gene Ho telling of George is coming back!” and encouraging viewers to sign up for email notifications (which we did). And we shall be looking online tomorrow for news/video of the George billboard in Times Square.


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