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The Brunson brothers’ SCOTUS case—What a God thing! November 29, 2022 Politics & Elections & SCOTUS This is SO exciting!!! (And encouraging!) (Non-clickable screenshot; Loy Brunson in upper left. Mr. 107’s “Trump as matador” jacket and painting in Juan O Savin Drops a BOMBSHELL! November 28, 2022 Politics & Elections & 107 One of the downsides of this wonderful tool called the internet is having to spend time sorting through the ubiquity of click bait to find the Texas and Wisconsin Conservatives Mobilize August 31, 2022 Current Events & Politics & Elections Here are three stories from the Epoch Times about the battles in Texas and Wisconsin to reassert Christian values and Constitutional principles in Mules tracked to NGOs July 5, 2022 Elections & Politics & NGOs & Mules QUOTE: Catherine Engelbrecht from True the Vote tracked the cheaters in the 2020 election. Catherine begins the conversation explaining why and how