Catherine Engelbrecht — Mules tracked to NGOs, evidence building, Constitutional Sheriffs are in position

QUOTE: Catherine Engelbrecht from True the Vote tracked the cheaters in the 2020 election. Catherine begins the conversation explaining why and how they used geofencing to track the mules.

The technology allows anyone to get back in time to build a pattern of life to track the cheaters. The mules were tracked to NGOs [Non-Governmental Organizations] where they picked up the ballots and got paid. Catherine is now teaming up with Sheriffs to catch the cheaters and they are in position across the country. END QUOTE

This is encouraging information! Catherine explains how it’s up to us, the people at the local level, to pick up the power that is ours, and have courage to assert it. Share widely. Here is the link. It runs 31:53.


July 5, 2022

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