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Brunson Brothers Case Update re 2020 Election Results June 7, 2024 Politics & SCOTUS Remember this case? The four trumpet-playing brothers from Utah? Their case against hundreds of federal and other public officials ended up in the This is potentially very big! Brunson case is back on the SCOTUS docket February 4, 2023 SCOTUS & Brunson One of our east coast Mighty Network members and correspondents alerted us to this encouraging news. Thank you, dear one! We have verified it at the Write a note to SCOTUS! December 13, 2022 Encouragement & SCOTUS & 107 Here is one of the most recent interviews of Mr. 107 explaining the importance of the Brunson brothers’ case at the U. S. Supreme Court. (We have Brunson brothers’ SCOTUS case isn't about Trump or the election outcome. December 2, 2022 Encouragement & SCOTUS & Brunson This is very encouraging news from Loy Brunson! So much so that I could not leave the link simply sitting there in our Mighty Networks Comments The Brunson brothers’ SCOTUS case—What a God thing! November 29, 2022 Politics & Elections & SCOTUS This is SO exciting!!! (And encouraging!) (Non-clickable screenshot; Loy Brunson in upper left. Mr. 107’s “Trump as matador” jacket and painting in This is the day that Roe vs. Wade was overturned June 24, 2022 Abortion & SCOTUS Yes, this is the day! Psalm 118 is a song of victory. We will keep it brief today as we celebrate this great day of victory. The news broke shortly