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Write a note to SCOTUS! December 13, 2022 Encouragement & SCOTUS & 107 Here is one of the most recent interviews of Mr. 107 explaining the importance of the Brunson brothers’ case at the U. S. Supreme Court. (We have Where did God come from? December 9, 2022 Encouragement Because of time constraints today, I have only this two-minute video to share with you. It concerns time, space, and matter—utterly brilliant! This The amazing sign language of our Father, the “hand of God” being revealed! December 6, 2022 Encouragement & Sign Language & 107 (Non-clickable screenshot) Juan O Savin (Mr. 107) is the guest on Warriors Rise channel, hosted by Jode Lodolce (sp?) and Gerry Foley (Mr. Raspy Brunson brothers’ SCOTUS case isn't about Trump or the election outcome. December 2, 2022 Encouragement & SCOTUS & Brunson This is very encouraging news from Loy Brunson! So much so that I could not leave the link simply sitting there in our Mighty Networks Comments