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The reason Juan is in Antarctica – Interviewed by Shemane (Mrs. Ted) Nugent February 21, 2024
Venom peptides in weight loss drugs, and nicotine in healing “Long COVID” February 20, 2024
Get-Trump Persecutor Fani Willis in the witness box February 19, 2024
An interview we don’t want to miss - today February 8, 2024
Honoring an unwilling veteran—me! February 7, 2024
Trump mentions Mike Gill's murder February 6, 2024
Tucker Carlson interview about massive illegal immigration through the Darien Gap February 2, 2024
Kari Lake reveals how RINO chairman of Arizona GOP attempted to bribe her to drop out of Senate race February 1, 2024
High level trafficking and financial whistleblower shot in D.C. January 31, 2024
The race is not to the Swift… January 30, 2024
Defending your soul against deadly weapons of mass DISTRACTION January 26, 2024
Hacking the human brain - the techno-psycho-war raging against our souls! January 25, 2024
Nikki Haley and the Comets (Her fake star is being extinguished!) January 23, 2024
Senator/Dr. Rand Paul has been vindicated—again—in his conflict with the “eminent Dr.” Fauci! January 19, 2024
Who is programming AI (Artificial Intelligence), Christians or godless antichrists? January 16, 2024
We consumers are rejecting fake meat alternatives January 15, 2024
Kerry Cassidy and Mike Jaco discuss - Are White Hat operations and their front man Trump about to get left behind by We the People? January 13, 2024
UFO and creature story for our collective (body of Christ) discernment January 9, 2024
The Unveiling and the Revealing in the Air, part 2 January 8, 2024
The Unveiling and the Revealing in the Air January 4, 2024
“Mask up!”—four years after the edict of the eminent Dr. Fauci January 3, 2024
Zuckerbucks building a survivalist compound? January 2, 2024
New legislation would force Chick-fil-A to be open on Sundays December 26, 2023
Devin Nunes on X22—It Has Begun, The Message Was Sent, Obama Is Forcing Biden Out, Right On Schedule December 22, 2023
December “Field Report” from James December 20, 2023
Juan O Savin discusses the real wealth of the USA (land and resources) being grabbed by the cabal via the stock market and AI December 13, 2023
1. Lenin and the downfall of Russia 2. Tucker Carlson podcast December 12, 2023
Some of our local activities for your edification December 7, 2023
Tucker Carlson interviews Congressman Tim Burchett regarding his committee’s findings on UFOs November 30, 2023
The deep state is running out of options. It had to be this way. November 29, 2023
MTG – DC Is Worse Than You Can Imagine, Swamp Runs Deep, Leverage Is Now Shifting November 27, 2023
Ivanka Trump's overhaul? November 21, 2023
Rural Michigan citizens getting informed and involved—and winning! November 20, 2023
Trump-hating billionaire Bloomberg gives $500 Million to ‘Finish the Job on Coal’ November 15, 2023
Did Mark Meadows, Sidney Powell and Jenna Ellis betray Donald Trump? November 14, 2023
Marjorie Taylor Greene resolution would officially declare war against 10 Mexican cartels November 13, 2023
More details on the views and values of the Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson November 9, 2023
Grown-up ‘trans kid’ details horrors of trans surgeries November 7, 2023
People are waking up to the scam of EVs November 3, 2023
More Granholm grandstanding to grab your liberties November 1, 2023
Wow! Mike Johnson is the 45th (not the 118th) Speaker of the House! October 31, 2023
Our hope springs eternal—buoyed by the new Speaker of the House October 30, 2023
What to expect in the next 12-15 months—The quadrillion $ threat of the Deep State fraudsters October 27, 2023
Why would hospitals hide children’s medical information from parents? October 26, 2023
Why are the Rothschilds selling at auction numerous items from their centuries of collecting? October 25, 2023
Big Food giant, Tyson, wants to feed you bugs October 24, 2023
GOP House Speaker Candidate Tom Emmer’s ties to George Soros October 23, 2023
“The military COVID shot mandate is dead.” October 12, 2023
Flynn/Clark – [WEF] Is Involved In The Border Invasion, The People Are Fighting Back, The [DS] Is Feeling The Pain October 10, 2023
Kash Patel explains where we are and what needs to be done by “we the people.” October 2, 2023
California Senator Feinstein dead at 90 September 29, 2023
Have you seen my doppelganger? At least, name-wise, if not physically… August 16, 2023
Illinois Gov. Pritzker signs bill to allow illegal immigrants to become police officers and sheriff deputies August 2, 2023
They Called Him “King James” in the Basketball World August 1, 2023
A Prelude about biblical “works” and the censure of Senator Tom Tillis (R-NC) March 27, 2023
Diesel shortage alert for southeastern U.S. from Maryland to Alabama! October 31, 2022
Canadians Rise Up & Refuse to Comply October 7, 2022
27-Year-Old High School Varsity Basketball Coach “Dies Unexpectedly” of Cardiac Arrest August 19, 2022
Were Congresswoman Jackie Walorski and actress Anne Heche murdered? August 16, 2022
The Mysterious Death of Ivana Trump July 26, 2022
Independent American reporter in Ukraine contradicts BM April 5, 2022
Biden eats pizza with US soldiers in Poland March 25, 2022
Some of the Most Popular 'Ukraine Footage' is Actually a Video Game March 11, 2022
UK Joins US, EU in Sanctioning Russia’s Central Bank March 1, 2022
Trudeau Backs Down After Banks Scream about Massive Withdrawals February 25, 2022
Both science and public health are broken February 17, 2022

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