UFO and creature story for our collective (body of Christ) discernment

This came across our desk yesterday. The immediate source is the Rumor Mill News website, with which we have been familiar for probably about two decades. We do not check it regularly because, in our opinion, their credibility has diminished significantly in the past many years.

That does not mean we cannot find some truth there, but it means that we take everything with copious amounts of salt.

(Non-clickable screen shot)

Apparently the regular Rumor Mill poster, George Eaton, obtained it from some outfit called UFOmania,” but outside of labeling their YouTube channel as entertainment,” we know nothing about them.

We are certain, however, that sometimes individuals or groups will call their product entertainment” for legal cover reasons. This video looks like it’s a composite of several cell phone videos. It runs 8:28. Then there is the odd addendum, commencing at 7:23 to the end which seems to be totally unrelated to the story and is pure vulgarity, seemingly just for vulgarity’s sake. If we have time to clip it out before we post, we shall do so and also we’ll omit this mention of it here.

To emphasize, we are not saying this is real, or if parts of it are real, or if it is all bogus and fake; we are just putting it out there for our Mighty Network members’ consideration. We really look forward to your opinions and any further evidence on the story one way or the other.

Do any of our MN members live in the Miami-Dade area? If so, have you seen or heard anything on local news about it?

(Non-clickable screen shot. Just part of the many police cars outside the Miami mall where the incident is alleged to have occurred.)

I am still ill from what I am thinking is what is now described as long-haul Covid” symptoms. I’m still having lots of exhaustion. If I had the energy, I myself would be exploring the web to see what else might be out there about this alleged incident. Counting on some of our readers to help out here. Please share in the Comments section. Here is the story. QUOTE:

Update on the Miami Mall Incident - Footage of the Creatures and the UFO above Miami Posted By: George Eaton Date: Saturday, 6-Jan-2024 01:36:15

100+cops, black helicopters, power cut off, police scanner cut off….all because of juveniles fighting, some armed with…..sticks. Reports of 8-10’ creatures walking around inside and outside the market/mall, people shooting at them to protect themselves. Nothing on the News, Nothing in Searches, Nothing to Report After a Situation That Warranted That Type of Response. END QUOTE

Here is the direct link to the story.


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