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Skinwalker Ranch and Beyond July 11, 2024 UAPs & UFOs & Media There is a ranch located in northeastern Utah that has been the site of weird happenings for a long time. The pre-Columbian Americans who live there Communist Chinese spy balloon goes over my house near Asheville and neighboring Henderson County February 6, 2023 China & Current Events & Media …And it went over the homes of millions more of our countrymen last week also. A close friend of ours (and former next-door neighbor) sent me this How Big Pharma, the FDA, CDC, Fauci and the NIH, and their accomplices in the Babylonian Media (BM) executed an attempted global genocide program January 31, 2023 Big Pharma & Health & Media In this brief, but powerful video, we are shown how the scam of the Plandemic was carried out. This mini-documentary focuses on only one (of the Independent American reporter in Ukraine contradicts BM April 5, 2022 Current Events & Media A friend from Colorado sent us this link. Some of these introductory comments are his, but I have added substantially to it. It runs about 23