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The English Channeler, part 4: CERN’s Alice and Atlas December 17, 2021 Trump & Quantum & English Channeler & Starlink & CERN To save myself time in having to repeat and summarize, here is a link to part 3 of The English Channeler. If you looked closely at the aerial view The English Channeler, part 3: CERN December 15, 2021 Trump & Quantum & English Channeler & Starlink & CERN For a new reader coming across this writing, it would be very helpful for you to have first read part 1 (Dec. 6) and part 2 (Dec. 7) in this series. The English Channeler, part 2 December 7, 2021 Trump & Quantum & English Channeler & Starlink Funny how one can read over one’s writing numerous times and never see an obvious error. That’s where proofreaders are very helpful, but alas, I do The English Channeler (pun intended) December 6, 2021 Trump & Quantum & English Channeler & Starlink This will be a lesson in Christian spiritual discernment. Given the ubiquity of the internet, we are all flooded at all times, with information of