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Regarding a possible 2024 Spring Bible Conference January 22, 2024 Updates & Bible Conferences At this time, I do not foresee being able to sponsor a Bible conference this spring. I have been cognizant for many months—even before last James was ill at “Mt. Rushmore” Conference October 17, 2023 Bible Conferences & Updates & Health Some readers who saw the Conference on live-stream may have heard on Sunday that James was in self-quarantine in his room. Here’s the story to date. Extra Room Reservation Available September 11, 2023 Bible Conferences & Updates A friend of ours reserved two rooms for the Tabernacles Conference in Rapid City, and now has no need of the second one. Rather than give it back to August 18th Rapid City Conference Update August 18, 2023 Tabernacles & Bible Conferences & Updates This just in from Dr. Jones: QUOTE: We (you) filled up the 60 reserved rooms very quickly at the special rate of $104/night. The hotel only has 100 More rooms made available August 13, 2023 Tabernacles & Bible Conferences & Updates We have been gone over the weekend, teaching at our “local” SK Fellowships in Tennessee and Georgia. We learned while driving home this afternoon Latest Update on the Rapid City Conference August 10, 2023 Tabernacles & Bible Conferences & Updates This is directly from Dr. Stephen Jones’ website: QUOTE: It seems that many of you are excited about the coming Tabernacles conference. The 40 rooms Important Updates regarding the GKM-SKM Mt. Rushmore / Feast of Tabernacles Bible Conference in Rapid City August 9, 2023 Tabernacles & Bible Conferences & Updates We have learned several things today: The first block of rooms is sold out. The GKM team is making contact with the Hilton Garden Inn to reserve Mt. Rushmore Bible Conference Confirmed July 31, 2023 Bible Conferences & Tabernacles & Updates (That’s my nickname for it; Steve may choose to call it something else.) After conferring with Dr. Stephen Jones regarding the upcoming Tabernacles Rapid City Tabernacles Conference Update—July 27th July 27, 2023 Bible Conferences & Tabernacles & Updates Both the previously planned venue AND the previously planned dates MAY change. So again, we caution all potential attendees to NOT make any airline Tabernacles Update July 26, 2023 Bible Conferences & Tabernacles & Updates Folks, DO NOT MAKE ANY AIRLINE RESERVATIONS to our (GKM-SKM) prospective city meeting location: Rapid City, SD! We have heard that some have planned Save the Dates for Tabernacles Conference! July 20, 2023 Bible Conferences & Tabernacles & Updates We are well aware of the pent-up desire of many readers (as well as ourselves) to have another Bible Conference. The last one (if memory serves