James was ill at Mt. Rushmore” Conference

Some readers who saw the Conference on live-stream may have heard on Sunday that James was in self-quarantine in his room. Here’s the story to date. I had flown out to Rapid City early so that I would have time to go see at least the famous sculpture in the mountain and maybe other local sites of interest.

On Thursday morning, several friends and I headed out to Mt. Rushmore, despite the weather being lousy. Lousy” would be an understatement. Compared to North Carolina contemporary daily highs and low temperatures, it was downright frigid to me, if only in the low 40s.

(I was born and raised in the North—in Ohio, and I also lived over a year in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, [that’s at the Canadian border] and in nowhere” Alaska for my final year in the USAF, so I do have familiarity with really cold weather.)

It was also blustery and pouring down rain at Mt. Rushmore. While I had the benefit of an umbrella and a cap, my tennis shoes and feet got soaked and the lower part of my pants, likewise. So should I be surprised I came down” with something? Especially in light of the fact that my system is still rebuilding its immunities from the hits” it took during the whole time of the gallstone attacks and subsequent surgery.

So, not wanting to have nothing to show for my trip to Mt. Rushmore, here is the best shot I took of the famous four. Ugh!

While most of the time we spent there it looked like this:

Some friends who had gone later sent me some of their shots so here is more what I had been hoping to get. And yes, many have noticed that it appears as though George Washington is weeping.

On Friday morning, I noticed my voice was even weaker than it had been since I had the breathing tube down my throat during the gall bladder removal surgery back on September 1st.

I did not think it was anything more serious than that, so I gave my lecture first thing in the morning, then enjoyed the day listening to the other speakers and chatting one-on-one with people. (I surely hope no one caught” what I have had.)

But by Saturday night, it was getting really bad, being almost totally confined to my very sore throat and mild upper chest congestion, with intermittent bouts of coughing. I texted Stephen on Sunday morning to let him know that I was going to quarantine myself in my room all day.

A number of friends were quick to offer their assistance with supplements and a cup of chicken noodle soup. It tasted sooo good but that was the last solid food” I have been able to eat since then.

I checked out of the hotel yesterday morning and here is a modified and expanded version of the text report I have sent to many friends who have inquired about my well-being earlier today.


The flights from Rapid City to Chicago, and from Chicago to Greenville-Spartanburg (GSP) were smooth and uneventful, as far as flights go. But I was feeling very bad—again almost wholly confined to my throat area with some mild upper chest congestion, along with almost no voice left.

I asked the gracious and friendly clerk at the Garden Inn check-out desk if they had any masks, so she gave me two of them. They were the common blue and white, made in China-type masks that I have criticized from the beginning of the Covid nonsense and tragedies following.

I stand by almost everything I wrote about them then. (I say almost” because I do not have time to go back and read the dozens of blogs I wrote which involved the mask mandates.)

I put on the mask as I boarded each leg of my journey home. I wore the mask over my mouth, but just over the upper lip and below my nose. That is the biblical instruction on mask-wearing per God’s law. The one who is ill should wear the mask, not the whole uninfected population!

Fortunately, throughout this whole ordeal, breathing through my nostrils has remained open and so I did not have to breathe my own CO2 back through the mask. But I was still having brief, intermittent coughing spells.

I felt I was implementing the golden rule to the best of my abilities under the circumstances for the rest of the passengers. If I had been totally health and some guy next to me on an airliner was hacking and coughing, etc. I would be pretty annoyed if he did not pull out his handkerchief and create a make-shift mask with it.

On both legs of the trip I asked the stewardess for just a half inch of water in a cup, and I struggled to even swallow that much—my throat hurt so bad. I could scarcely speak above a whisper, and that, only briefly.

I arrived home shortly before midnight and couldn’t wait to get warm and comfy under the covers. I regretted that I had turned the thermostat down to the mid-60-degree mark. It would take many hours to get back up to a comfortable level.

My throat is still extremely sore and obviously inflamed because I can hardly swallow, even water, let alone four or five pills, one at a time.

So, out of all the help offered or given from some of you friends, I am limiting my healing protocol to the one ivermectin tab per day. And I continue to take the Cataplex-C tablets, and the echinacea/goldenseal soft gels that Dr. Pettingill gave me to take two of each, every two hours.

Every two hours makes it very difficult to get a good nights sleep. So last night was the third night in a row that I set my alarm for every two hours, only this time, each time I woke up for four sessions in a row, to a still very cool bedroom, I discovered my night shirt was drenched, my pillow case was wet in the spots where my neck and head had heavily perspired. Likewise with bed sheets, from the waist level up to the neck level. Ugh!

So I am taking that as a good sign that my fever has broken. Although I did not really feel that I had much of a fever to begin with.

However, I was intermittently shivering with the chills ever since the excursion to Mt. Rushmore. Of course, part of that may have been due to the fact that I hardly eaten a thing in three days.

I still have a couple bottle of electrolyte in my refrigerator, so today I will try to swallow some ounces of that to help with hydration/electrolyte balance. END QUOTE

So it is now evening in the east and that brings me to the fact that I now believe I have hit bottom” or am over the hump” and on the downhill slope of this event. But alas, I am also still very weak and so I hope to have a really good news report tomorrow.

Prayer works and so I thank you in advance for your requests to the Father for my healing.


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