Save the Dates for Tabernacles Conference!

We are well aware of the pent-up desire of many readers (as well as ourselves) to have another Bible Conference. The last one (if memory serves correctly) was our SKM-GKM Conference in Branson, Missouri.

The long wait may be over. Dr. Stephen Jones and crew, of God’s Kingdom Ministries, have been working diligently to iron out details for a GKM-SKM Tabernacles Conference to be held the weekend of October 6-8, 2023, with check-in available on Thursday, October 5th and check-out on Monday, October 9th.

The meeting location is Rapid City, South Dakota. Nice to know that it is the state governed by Kristi Noem, who had one of the freest states during the Covid lockdown nonsense.

We will update you with the venue, room rates, reservation information, etc. as soon as the contract is signed, or as soon as possible. (If all goes well in contract negotiation, the room rates will be quite reasonable.)

We are greatly looking forward to seeing many long-time friends and making new ones!

Plan to bring your friends and relatives to this spiritual family reunion!


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