Latest Update on the Rapid City Conference

This is directly from Dr. Stephen Jones’ website:

QUOTE: It seems that many of you are excited about the coming Tabernacles conference. The 40 rooms that we reserved are already booked, and the only person who can add more rooms to the reservation just left on a 2-week European vacation. So please hold off on booking your room for a couple of weeks, so that we can add another block of rooms at the discounted rate.

If you made a reservation at the normal rate ($175/night), you may want to cancel it and wait for a couple weeks when we can make the adjustment.

Sorry for the inconvenience. We did not know ahead of time about this vacation.

Also, if you have not yet made a reservation but intend to do so, it would be helpful to let us know of your intention, so that we can get a better idea of how many more rooms to reserve. Send us an email at: godskingdom888@gmail.com.


Yes, I know the cut-off date is August 28th, but I’m sure the Garden Inn will want all the business that we’re going to bring, so I would not get too concerned at this point. That’s all we know for now; patience required… We will share any new information ASAP.


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