Will Americans mask up for monkey pox?

(Just in time for the mid-term elections?) We hope not! By now, we hope the majority of Americans have seen through (pun intended) all the holes in the efficacy of masking—for virtually any epidemic, pandemic, or other so-called health emergency.”

Per biblical law, the only people who should wear masks, are those who have a truly contagious, life-threatening illness. The bible example is leprosy. And even there, (Leviticus 13:45), the mask” is only to cover to just above the upper lip—not over the nose!

Of course, for surgeons and other personnel in the operating room, the SOP is understandable; but we are speaking in general here, of the population at large.

Specifically concerning the monkey pox,” there are already numerous sensible doctors who are calling out this pending fraud on the American public. Dr. Peter McCullough (Dr. M.) is one whom we have seen—and whom we have cited in several of our previous blog reports since the Covid-19 and vax” fiasco began.

Here are a few clips of this highly-credentialed epidemiologist and cardiologist.

In this 21-second clip, McCullough opines on the monkeypox symptoms: Or they could be symptoms after you take a vaccine!”

On OneAmericaNews, Dr. M. says no need to worry about emergence of monkeypox. (08:28)

Then, on USSANews, Dr. M. reveals what Bill Gates revealed three years ago (0:02:18)

For more in-depth analysis on the medical-pharmaceutical-political complex (and how Fauci’s actions are more suspect than ever), and for home remedies, this site has a number of sources/videos you may want to watch (We have not had time to watch them all yet.) Here are the first two paragraphs. 

QUOTE: Dr. A. Fauci (via a U.S. government purchase) just bought 119 Million dollars worth of monkeypox vaccines with just 1 case in the whole country and 20 cases in Europe as of 5/20! They were purchased from Bavarian Nordic, and the stocks have surged with buy in by people who knew beforehand.

MonkeyPox is Fauci’s new gold mine. Just one week before the first outbreak of MonkeyPox in Massachussets, [sic] Dr. Fauci had the vaccine purchased to use. Fauci knows that COVID wasn’t enough to terrify the American people for long…”


Del Bigtree produced this episode of his High Wire program interviewing Dr. M. on the subject (43:47)

Yesterday evening, we heard Dr. McCullough on a Newsmax interview, which apparently is not uploaded to the Newsmax website yet, wherein Dr. M. stated that the UN-WHO’s Tedros (who is not a doctor) calling monkeypox a global threat is totally phony (our words).

McCullough stated the number of cases is exceedingly small and almost all are in central Africa where it occurs among homosexual males, and was transmitted from monkeys to humans by those who handle monkeys.”

Was Dr. M. being King James Version-polite? That is, was he using a euphemism to say that it was transmitted from monkeys to humans as a result of bestiality!?

If that is the case, or even if not, what is the risk to you and yours from monkeypox? Probably, virtually nil. Don’t go bananas for masking up this time!


July 27, 2022

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