Completely Destroyed! Georgia Guidestones, part 2: This is monumental!”

Here is more concerning the Georgia Guidestones (GG) monument—which is now completely gone! This video (10 seconds long—scroll down) has what they report to be the official surveillance video released by the GBI.

We in this office saw the surveillance video yesterday but we did not include it in yesterday’s blog, although any reader who did a bit of web searching could find it.

Notice in the video that

  1. the existing yard light at the site (to the left of the stones) flashes very brightly when the explosion hits the stones. Wonder how that could happen?!

  2. Notice also there were at least two surveillance cameras in operation, which is obvious from this video, because after the strike, the scene immediately cuts to another camera angle.

During my visit there, I had only noticed one surveillance camera, as noted in my blog yesterday which links to my full report and commentary in my blog dated December 1, 2021.

  1. Scrolling further down in the story, we see a silver sedan with a sunroof (or is it a moon roof”) slowly driving away. But the vehicle is on the grass, not on the roadway! You can see the gravel parking lot in the top right of the frame, which puts the silver vehicle under the eye of the surveillance camera, a picture of which I posted on my blog of last December 1st.

Why did the driver not drive on the road? Did he/she think they would avoid the camera in that way? Stupid, stupid! So, can we conclude from this that it was not a random” lightning strike from God? Can we also conclude that it was not a targeted strike from an airborne or space-based DEW (Directed Energy Weapon)?

Pending further information, we believe those to be reasonable conclusions. So, now we await the arrest of the person(s) of interest.”

  1. The Fox5Atlanta story also links to a video of former gubernatorial candidate, Kandiss Taylor, who had stated she would (in accordance with law) seek to have the monument demolished.

Here is a separate link to the same story which we recommend you read/watch, about Ms. Taylor, including a video in her own words. She does not sound like a nut job” to me. More like a concerned and activist Christian woman!

  1. They certainly wasted no time in having the entire monument taken down. Less than 12 hours after the explosion! That smells fishy. Granted, the remaining portions of the GG were probably not too stable, but it’s not like they cannot prevent people from entering the danger zone of, say, 30-40 feet minimum, away from the monument (since the monoliths are under 20 feet tall).

So, why be in such a hurry to demolish it? Seems like that would possibly destroy potentially valuable evidence of how the explosion was carried out. This leaves the false flag option still a viable theory for who the perps were.

  1. It is utterly astonishing how some of the interviewees (in this and other MSM news stories) appear to have lost all critical thinking skills, and are only concerned about tourism, and what a shame it’s gone, etc., and not about the prime message of the GG—to demolish” 13 out of 14 human beings presently on the planet; i.e., genocide! 

The idea that the GG message was directed to a post-apocalyptic planet when only that many (half a billion people) are left is preposterous on its face. The Mystery Babylonians have been telling us—etched in granite here—for 42 years of their plans for culling the herd of humanity. But it was great for local tourism…” Good heavens, people, WAKE UP!!

And no, I do not think this has anything to do with the stone striking the feet of the image in Nebuchadnezzar’s vision in Daniel 2:35, part of which is this ministry’s flagship verse: ..and the stone that smote the image became a great mountain, and filled the whole earth.”

Here are two humorous memes which speak for themselves. Enjoy!

(We don’t know who gets the credit for this very cleverly-constructed meme, but it features the famous photo of a weeping AOC–I believe she was at the US-Mexican border…with her pretend tears for the photo op. Hilarious!)


Posted July 7, 2022

Tags: #GeorgiaGuidestones #CriticalThinking #Genocide #MysteryBabylon

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