Thunderball and No Time to Die—007 and 107

We begin with reference to our post last Friday concerning Juan O Savin’s discussion with James Grundvig, and how Mr. 107 casually mentioned a couple of James Bond films as being pertinent to current events. I recall that he mentioned Moonraker and No Time To Die.

Of course, he has mentioned Casino Royale on numerous occasions to emphasize the fact that the white hats (on behalf of all of us) are all in” with the stakes being winning the world for truth, justice, liberty, etc. or losing this titanic struggle which would result in facing centuries of a new Dark Ages, a technological transhumanist tyranny the likes of which we can scarcely imagine.

But it won’t matter since the cabal intends to exterminate 13/14ths of us; therefore we will not be here to see it anyhow. But the survivors may very well wish they had never been born!

I knew that I had seen Moonraker (and probably all the Bond films to date) and I thought I had seen the latest one, No Time To Die, but I was mistaken. As it happened this weekend, as I was programming my DVR to record Maria Bartiromo’s Fox News Sunday show, I happened to notice that another network was airing No Time To Die later on Saturday evening.

Having been an avid reader of The Hardy Boys books as a pre-teen boy, my interest in mysteries grew as got older. At age 18, I joined a book club and obtained two of the earlier Bond tales, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service and Thunderball. I was enthralled.

Sean Connery was the iconic actor portraying Bond in the movie version of Thunderball. That’s the one with many underwater scenes in the Bahamas. In fact, about one quarter of the entire movie comprises underwater scenes.

When we moved from Ohio to Palm Beach County, Florida in 1980, my brother, John, and I founded Bruggeman Construction company. While we were getting the company off the ground—and I had no money—I lived with John and his family while Roxanne and our children lived with her mother over in Sarasota, Florida.

While living with John for several months, I met and got acquainted with Jack and Charlene, good friends and neighbors who lived across the road from John and his family. They lived in Loxahatchee, a rural country town with dirt and gravel roads located about 15 miles west of the intracoastal waterway and the Atlantic Ocean.

Jack was some years older than me and had been one of only a handful of men certified to do deep underwater welding for the U.S. Navy. His underwater skills, plus the fact that he strongly resembled Sean Connery got him hired as a body double and stunt man to perform as James Bond taking out the bad guys in the underwater scenes in Thunderball. The film was released in 1965.

Jack came to work for Bruggeman Construction as a rebar/ironworker. We had to be careful with his workload because even before I had met him, he had suffered cardiovascular issues and had endured several open heart surgeries, including quadruple bypass.

We wondered but I never brought it up to him about whether his many hours underwater could have had anything to do with his cardiovascular problems.

He and his family were a wonderful Christian family and I hope he and they are still alive and well, as I have not seen them in over 35 years and John has not had communication for at least a dozen years.

Now, regarding No Time to Die, (partial spoiler alert), it is as thrilling and exciting as all the Bond films are, with plenty of high speed chases and actions that are only possible with the use of stunt men, special effects, and CGI (computer generated imagery).

Coincidentally, in my most recent lecture, In the Beginning…and THEN what Happened?, part 3, I explained the principle of the suspension of disbelief. It is necessary in much of the entertainment world, but especially so in watching a Bond film.

After watching this final Bond offering with Daniel Craig as the eponymous 007, I can easily understand why Mr. 107 made reference to it. It was theatrically released in London in September of 2021. Can you guess what this movie is about? It’s about genetic targeting; a nanobot bioweapon specifically targeted to infect only certain bloodlines / families / ethnic groups!

To be the master of the obvious,” hello, Covid and Covid vaxxes! Add to that, what many of us red-pilled students / Q students, etc. believe to be the real reason why Putin invaded the Ukraine; namely, to destroy the dozens of bioweapons facilities in the Ukraine where the cabal was preparing to inflict their bioweapon on the Slavic people of Russia—weapons of mass destruction, genocide to be sure. If we had a president faithful to the Constitution and he knew that such facilities were near our border with Mexico, what would we expect him to do?

We have learned a long time ago, that the wicked relish in telling their victims (and the world) what they are doing. They do so in many ways, but very frequently it seems, they do so in the movies. But you know, they don’t create a James Bond film in a month or two. It takes years.

Sure enough, in looking up the background of No Time to Die, they first began writing the story in 2016! And they release it as the world is emerging from lockdowns, mask-wearing, and who knows how many were killed by the bioweapon, or will have shortened lives due to taking the vaxxes.

I won’t tell you any more about the movie so as not to spoil it for you. Guess I didn’t need to offer even a partial spoiler alert after all.


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