Some of the Most Popular Ukraine Footage’ is Actually a Video Game

Here is visual proof of the fake news being fake. This has been going on for very long time. More on that some other time. I have seen this alleged footage in the clip below on cable network news—I cannot remember which one, but they all fake it” in one way or another.

In this case, using alleged Ukraine footage from a video game. In other cases, I have seen alleged scenes of the Ukraine conflict which turn out to be from the conflict during the Obama/Biden years.

(Shown as news,” this screen shot is actually from a video game; albeit, a very realistic one)

There is also the fact that the Azov Battalion” of Ukrainian Nazis (real ones, not the neo-Nazis”—all eight of them in America) which are reportedly responsible for many attacks on Russian Ukrainians going back (again) to the Obama/Biden administration.

In any case, here are the first few paragraphs of this article on a video game website showing the exact footage” which was presented as news. Beware: we cannot believe anything shown on the BM (Babylonian Media), aka the fake news.”

Once again, ArmA III is being confused/misused in a time of conflict

ArmA III, a video game that in the right circumstances can look pretty realistic, has a long history of turning up on news broadcasts and being either confused with or intentionally used in place of actual camera footage of real-world events. That trend is continuing in the current crisis in Ukraine.

As Bloomberg reports, some of the most-viewed videos on Facebook’s gaming channel today were a number of clips purporting to be of military action taking place in Ukraine, watched by more than 110,000 people and shared more than 25,000 times,” before they were taken down by Facebook.

The same videos are also circulating on other social media, including Twitter; here’s one of the clips, posted with the text, Ukraine fires missiles to intercept Russian aircraft’s artillery fire,” though really it’s some Arma III footage: END QUOTE

The rest of the story at the video game website continues here.


March 11, 2022

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