Some of our readers’ local civic activities and my latest report

In our blog posted March 6th on our Mighty Network platform we reported on the Rothschild banks, Mitch McConnell, plus part of our local Republican chairman’s report. In response to that, our friend, Eydie from Utah, commented thus:

Attended my Republican Caucus. A neighbor led our group in a nice prayer about our country and then four people took turns reading what the Republican Party stands for. Took my 18-year-old, and I’m glad we attended.”

Then, in a recent postal note from Joe and Chris, she wrote: Joe and I recently took part in the Missouri Caucus on March 2nd. 356 people showed up for Cass County. Only 18 people voted for [Nikki] Haley.

Our Caucus also voted for delegates and we were on the list and were approved. So, Joe and I are going to the Congressional District Convention and then on to the Missouri State Convention. It was very exciting to see people involved and awake—Red Pilled! The Lord told us we need to occupy!”

SKM is very pleased to hear of reports like this from some of our readers. Indeed, we are to occupy until He comes. We paraphrase the sentiments of a famous statesman who observed, when good men (and women) do nothing, the wicked fill the vacuum.

Or putting it another way, when Christians sit in their pews and do not get involved in the government of their communities, the godless ones easily gain control, liberties are lost, and Christians are eventually persecuted. Sound familiar? So, kudos to our brothers and sisters for getting involved.

On Saturday, March 9th I attended our Henderson County Republican Men’s Club breakfast meeting. Our Congressman, Chuck Edwards, was one of three speakers.

(Official Photo: Congressman Chuck Edwards, R-NC)

Chuck and I chatted for a minute as we shook hands while he and his wife, Theresa, were entering the hall. Chuck had requested to be able to speak first as this was the Saturday on which many of the counties in our sprawling 11th Congressional District were having annual conventions.

So he had an extremely tight schedule because he was scheduled to speak at many of those county conventions. He apologized at the mic that he could only speak for about 10 minutes and then he’d take a few questions.

After his update of what is going on behind the scenes on Capitol Hill, he opened the floor for questions. I quickly shot my hand up and he called on me. Recall that this was only two days after (P)resident Bitin’ had given his biting, bitter, and partisan campaign speech which was also billed as the State of the Union (SOTU) address to the combined chambers of Congress.

I introduced my question with my observation that I could hardly bear to watch the SOTU diatribe by Byden and so I chose to focus my attention on the facial expressions and reactions from House Speaker Mike Johnson. Chuck smiled as we heard many me too” agreements from the audience.

I continued: My question, Mr. Edwards, is not about the SOTU for which we all here have clear disgust, but about Speaker Johnson and your and the other conservative Members of the Republican caucus—your relationship working with him to accomplish a Constitutional agenda.

And given that we do understand that he and you sometimes have to be satisfied with half a loaf or suffer the defeat of getting nothing, would you comment on that, please?”

Chuck’s response was first to praise Speaker Johnson as a good, God-fearing Christian man who is doing his best to accomplish whatever might be possible with only the thinnest of majorities in the House. […Which is now down to one vote with the resignation of RINO Colorado Representative Ken Buck this weekend—JWB.]

The following is my best recollection of Chuck’s statement based on my contemporaneous notes from that day. My comments are in [brackets]. QUOTE:

Let me share also a private conversation I had with him in his office recently. Speaker Johnson had called a press conference concerning a recent vote. As he finally made to see me privately, we were sitting on his couch and I looked at him eyeball-to-eyeball and I said to him: Mike, you said to the press I let them each vote their conscience on this one.’

Sir, you don’t own my vote. I am here in the House to represent the people in my district and that is what I will do. [It seemed to me that the implication in Chuck’s comment to the Speaker was: You don’t allow me to do anything.]

The Speaker responded incredulously, I said that?

I told him, Yes, sir, you did say that!’

At that point, Mike apologized sincerely and humbly and I felt it was good to clear the air, and I believe we will continue to have a good working relationship. END QUOTE

Next, we heard from our NC House Representative, Jennifer Balkcom, who had been sitting across the table from me. She is a first-term Representative and she gave a very upbeat report on how much she is learning about navigating and getting things done in Raleigh, with help from some colleagues there, and especially from her predecessor who is now our State Sen. Tim Moffitt. (We have written about him in some of our previous blog posts.)

(Official photo: State Rep. Jennifer Balkcom, R-House District 117)

Despite having a very socialist-minded Democrat Governor, Roy Cooper, we are blessed to have a supermajority in both our House and Senate so that the Republicans can override his frequent vetoes.

Thus, even though a few years ago, a NC state referendum passed which required voter ID, the radical Dems got it thrown out in state court, but our Republican supermajority was now able to get a bill passed. It was vetoed, but overridden, so that in our primary on super-Tuesday, all voters in NC had to show ID. There are still some problems with the details but we got seven-eighths of a loaf this time!

Jennifer mentioned several other accomplishments, but her greatest joy was getting a bill passed into law (again via override of Cooper’s veto, if memory serves) making it illegal for biological males to participate in women’s/girls sports.

She added that it was especially near and dear to her heart to get this bill passed because many of us know a young woman from this area who was severely injured (made national news) by a dude pretending to be a girl and playing on the high school girls’ volleyball team. He spiked the ball with such ferocity that the poor girl suffered head trauma and is still suffering as a result of the incident a year or two ago!

Jennifer herself had played high school sports. She then took a few questions from the audience. Our final speaker was a young lady who was sitting next to me during the breakfast. Her name is Reagan Bunch and I sensed from just a few minutes talking with her that she was homeschooled.

(Reagan Bunch, photo by James Bruggeman)

Reagan Bunch is the 20-year-old Vice-Chair of our (U.S.) Congressional District 11 Republican organization. To say she is a fireball” would be an understatement. She is very impressive in her command of what is going on in our huge Congressional District.

In the Q & A, someone asked, What is biggest issue in our District? She did not hesitate for a second, but responded, Apathy.” She explained that given the Democrat [socialists’] control of both the Asheville City Council and the Buncombe County Commission, those Republicans are disheartened.

And yet, it is a fact, she stated, that Buncombe County has more Republicans than any of the other counties in our 11th District. She went on to note that the 11th District is largest and most conservative of all 14 Districts in North Carolina. There are 17 counties in Western North Carolina which comprise our District.

And because we are so conservative, she explained further, the people in some of the mostly rural counties are almost entirely Republican. Many of the few Democrats that live there won’t even admit that they’re Democrats, she said.

Unfortunately, she lamented, that also tends to make people there apathetic since they do not sense the real dangers we are facing statewide and nationally. But they are beginning to wake up now, she reported. (Reagan lives in one of those westernmost rural counties.)

They are beginning to understand how we need all of them to get to the polls this November to counteract the big Democrat numbers in the big urban areas like Charlotte and the Raleigh-Durham areas.

We’ve got to get Mark Robinson into the Governor’s office and Dan Bishop into the office of NC Attorney General, and keep our Republican supermajorities in November. If we are apathetic, we will lose, she concluded.

As she sat back down next to me and the emcee closed the meeting, I asked her, You were homeschooled, weren’t you?” Yes, in elementary grades, she replied. She further told me how she already had two years of college under her belt while she was in high school and was planning to finish a four-year degree in political science.

We have no worries about this refreshing young lady being brainwashed in the university. She is already inoculated” with a Godly and Constitutional foundation which will not be moved.

FYI, how did I sense that she was homeschooled? Because our children were also homeschooled for 13 years by Roxanne, and one of the obvious benefits was the ease with which they all could converse intelligently with people at any age level.

As for example, here was a 20-year-old young woman who was self-confident and totally at ease in speaking to a roomful of adults. No intimidation there! We are thankful to the Father for her, and we humbly request He bring forth more young leaders such as Miss Reagan Bunch!


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