Juan O Savin on how the Black Swan event is commencing with financial crises in Japan

Nino interviews/interrupts Juan an aggravating number of times as Juan holds forth from a boat off the coast of Japan. (But I am trying to remember patience with Nino as I remember his nickname means little boy,” and we allow for his immaturity.)

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An interesting survey of the Japanese Conflict within their own Country and the Aftermath that we now are dealing with again. Is THIS THE BLACK SWAN EVENT?

A pointed comment about the fact that Paradise [Valley, California] and Lahaina [Hawaii] both experienced events [likely from DEW {Directed Energy Weapons} attacks] that created similar landscapes [to the landscapes left after the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki].

Juan stays on track as this is where he is.. tracking the events that come from the current devaluation of the dollar and the demise of the Yen. … Great Prayer at the End by JUAN for all of you. All of US in this fight. It is a good TIME TO BE ALIVE.


I found a two or three minute read of some of the comments to be interesting as well; especially this one:

Thank you Nino and Juan for the update. I always look forward to your insights. Based on my observations over the years we are basically right on course and very little has changed in the continued direction this movie, parade, show, drama, scenario or whatever you want to call it has gone. Juan said it all in his prayer at the end…”

This idea I underlined above, which was laid out in the Q posts years ago, has been essentially correct, and to me is the only explanation that makes sense of current events (including, of course, our understanding of the overarching sovereignty of God and the fulfillment of Bible prophecies).

But for me to give all the what, why’s and how’s of all which that entails is a large undertaking. But I hope to find time to lay that all out in a series of blogs in the upcoming weeks/months. It will include all the biblical types we see being displayed before our eyes (if they are open), and is far beyond just seeing Trump as Cyrus. There is so much more!

As I was preparing this for today’s blog, I found this article in my most recent paper edition of the Epoch Times. It confirms Juan’s information and shows once again how Mr. 107 is on the leading edge of world events. Here are a few points which we excerpt from this column by Michael Wilkerson, a strategic adviser and founder of Stormwall.com. All emphases and comments in [brackets] are ours.

Japan’s Warning for America

QUOTE: In late April, Japan saw its currency, the yen, rapidly depreciate against the U.S. dollar and other world currencies to record low levels. This drew the attention of financial markets and other observers and—in some quarters—led to panic. There was concern that Japan, a formerly great nation now increasingly viewed as the sick man of Asia,” was on the brink of a currency and financial markets crisis…

Japan Inc.” was a house built on a faulty foundation. Overly accommodative easy money, along with high leverage throughout the financial and corporate sectors, facilitated a massive stock market and real estate bubble, which eventually burst in 1990. The crash led to a depression from which Japan has never recovered, even after three decades. The question is, why not? Herein lies a lesson for the United States.

Repeated government bailouts of failing financial and industrial companies have perpetuated Japan’s crisis…

Money essentially is free in Japan, but no one can afford to borrow it, even if the banks can manage to lend it. The BOJ and the entire banking system stand in the penumbra of insolvency…

Rather than let more insolvent banks and unprofitable firms fail, U.S. monetary policy since at least the 2008 financial crisis has propped up bad business models… It is not just shortsighted monetary and financial policy that threatens U.S. competitiveness.

If Americans’ worsening attitudes toward the importance of marriage and children do not reverse course dramatically, the United States will face the same demographic fate as Japan. [These worsening attitudes” can be traced ultimately to our catastrophic turning away from the laws of our Creator-God!]

The fertility rate in the United States has been in decline since at least 2008 and reached a record low of 1.62 in 2023. This is well below the replacement rate and is thus unsustainable.

[This is a proof that the curses for disobedience have been laid upon our backs as a nation. The Scriptures also state that … As the bird by wandering, as the swallow by flying, so the curse causeless shall not come. Proverbs 26:2]

Progressives point to declining fertility rates and aging populations to justify mass illegal immigration [a phenomenon which is yet another billboard to us (U.S.) that we are suffering the curses of His law], but this is a red herring.

Bringing tens of millions of unskilled, uneducated, and culturally unassimilated migrants into the nation is not a benefit but rather an untenable burden on social infrastructure, an enervating drain on economic productivity, and an unbearable tax on legal citizens. At least Japan got that part right. END QUOTE

Meanwhile, please continue to pray for our nation to repent quickly—like there’s no tomorrow, and prepare like there will be months of societal interruptions on a mass scale.

Better to be prepared and not need it, than to have done nothing and deeply regret it. Annuit coeptis. (Freely translated from the Latin): May He prosper our undertakings.

Here is the link to this 107 podcast from May 8th, which runs 50:15.


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