My name is Xi Jinping….

The author of the opinion piece below is Col. Ric Hunter, a retired U.S. Air Force fighter pilot with 27 years—and 4,000 hours—of high-performance jet time. He is also a Pulitzer Prize-nominated author.

We do not know him personally but he lives just up the road about an hour north of Asheville in Burnsville, NC.

His article was written as a Special to the Asheville Daily Planet, which is a semi-monthly newspaper with a wide circulation in Western North Carolina and the upstate of SC. The owner/publisher is a friend of ours.

This appeared in my print edition dated March 13-26, 2024. All emphases and comments within [brackets] are mine.

(Xi Jinping in 2023, photo in Wikipedia)


I have several titles; however, I prefer president of the People’s Republic of China.

[Ever notice how the communists lie about everything as they pervert the language. Other examples: the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and the once-pretend superpower, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Communism and its gateway drug,” socialism are both antithetical to a true republic.]

I also like to be called chairman of the Central Military Commission.

Sun Tzu said, The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” That is my philosophy, and it is working well:

By helping to manipulate social and news media, we were able to get Joe Biden elected president. If you suspect he is owned by the PRC, you might be correct. Remember, he stayed in his basement and still got elected.

I was able to successfully develop a fatal virus that killed over a million Americans, without firing a shot. Very efficient.

This virus also had another effect, Americans hid in their homes for two years while we continued to make a lot of money selling them masks and hand sanitizers [and some of the testing” swabs that got jammed up millions of Americans’ noses with many breaking the blood-brain barrier—not a wise thing to do].

While they were hiding, we continued to acquire more raw materials and resources from Africa, the Middle East and elsewhere.

I wanted to further weaken America by infiltrating its population with unskilled and mostly uneducated poor from third-world countries, I have successfully placed over 20,000 [probably more like four or five times that many—if we could get accurate numbers] Chinese nationals in the USA across its Southern and Northern borders.

Some of these migrants” are highly trained military and intelligence personnel. (Ha! As if we didn’t have enough spies in the U.S. already.) The more the better.

America’s borders are so porous and law enforcement so overwhelmed that we are able to produce fentanyl in Mexico and use mules” to smuggle it across.

So far, we have been able to eliminate around 100,000 Americans a year — without firing a shot. They say, our drugs have killed more than the last several American wars combined. Very efficient.

The chaotic American withdrawal from Afghanistan showed me Americans’ reluctance to fight. Its military is weak and inefficient. Some $80 billion in equipment was left for me to exploit. Its military is unable to meet its personnel goals because their view of woke” military service.

In addition, Americans have become fat and lazy. 75 percent of military-age Americans can’t qualify for military duty due to my drugs, their obesity, criminal records or their lack of qualification for physical standards. They will be easy prey for my 2.2 million troops, the largest military force in the world.

Ukraine and Israel are depleting America’s weapons while we are increasing ours. It is not like WWII. Their military-industrial base cannot ramp-up to meet a two war threat. Its ability to meet a full-scale, high-attrition, one war conflict is in doubt.

In order to divide and conquer,” I am able to foment unrest and division in nearly every sector of the American experiment.” This is accomplished by owning” key political figures, like McConnell, Schiff, Swalwell and the like, and paying operatives to demonstrate and riot.

A few well-placed dollars, diamonds or cars to greedy Americans is all it takes.

I am playing chess while American leaders are playing tic-tac-toe.

When I annex Taiwan, there will be little or no resistance.

Checkmate…. END QUOTE

Here is a link to the online article.


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