Biden’s Dark Speech / Trump’s Hopeful Speech

Something new appeared for the first time at a Trump rally

Last Thursday evening at 8 p.m., September 1, 2022, Joe Bidan (misspelling deliberate) gave a speech in front of Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

In it, he essentially declared Donald Trump and his supporters (MAGA people) as threats to our democracy.” (Note to Joe and to millions of conservatives as well: Our form of government was to be a republic, not a democracy. The founders loathed democracy as among the worst forms of government.)

With deep red lighting on the brick walls of Independence Hall, and with two Marines standing on either side in the background, the optics were decidedly and unmistakably meant to be ominous and threatening to the targets of his speech—70+ million American citizens.

Even Mr. Bidan’s hand gestures and his vocal cadence and intonation seemed to have been carefully coached for this event. Which of the several Biden doubles was this? Answer: the one who can pull off the Hitlerian act and read the teleprompter without too many goofs.

Many millions of viewers must have picked up on the fact that the imagery evoked Nazism and Hitler’s spellbinding oratory.

Bidan, of course, does not have the charisma nor the oratorical skills that Adolf possessed, but the totalitarian optics and content of his address to America were not missed by many.

Even CNN and CSPAN (we are informed) tweaked the background color to a much lighter shade of red (actually, pink, on CNN), which is again, more evidence that they are fake news, propaganda arms of the cabal.

We shall not devote further time here to addressing any more of the faux Biden performance.

On Saturday evening, September 3, 2022, President Donald J. Trump delivered a speech to a packed arena of thousands of citizens in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. Several things stood out in this address.

Based on the timing as seen on the CSPAN version, at about the 48-minute mark, DJT almost off-handedly described Bidan and the Democrat-controlled Congress’s addition of 87k new IRS agents (“willing to use deadly force”—really!!? To collect taxes??) as Trump put it, sounds like an army to me.”

At ca. the 55-minute mark, he seemed to promise that soon RINOs will be explained.” Hmmm… as in how they are all compromised by one means or another?

With about five minutes left in the speech, Mr. Trump was beginning to head towards his trademark climax ending. He began a summary and litany of the negative evidence of America’s rapid slide into conditions similar to third-world countries.

As he stated We are a nation in decline…” there was the sudden boom of a thunderclap!

Shortly, thereafter, as DJT continued the litany, he lamented, we are …a nation surrendering everywhere…” and BOOM—another thunderclap pulsed through the arena. Upon relistening, it is our judgment, that this was a Divine emphasis given to the words spoken by His servant, DJT! (It did not emanate from the arena’s PA system.)

Suddenly, something new occurred—at least we have never seen it before in any of the Trump rallies, and we have watched almost all of them. DJT continued his somber and sad assessment of America’s present condition, when suddenly we notice there is music softly playing in the background. It is perfectly fitted to the speech—somber and sad, orchestral, theatrical, as a soundtrack befitting a tragic movie.

It continued in that mode… …a nation that has become a joke…” and on for another two minutes, the mood of the music perfectly reflecting the words of Mr. Trump.

Then, as DJT turns the corner,” he assures the audience and all America, that …we are not going to let this continue.” He briefly reviews how he (and we) had made America Great Again, but we could not continue because it was stolen from us in the 2020 election, but we will soon have that greatness again.”

Immediately, the music pivots to an uplifting mood and the string section swells into beautiful, rapturous harmony appropriate for his vision of America’s bright future.

…Americans kneel to God and to God alone…”

We noticed in the grandstand of middle Americans” almost directly behind and slightly to the right of DJT, a man with a gray goatee, wearing a black biker vest, who had on a few occasions held up a placard proclaiming Bikers for Trump.”

At this point in the speech, the music crescendos, lifting us higher and higher with the mountaintop” in sight. We felt a lump in our own throat just watching it on TV, and we noticed the biker guy” unobtrusively wiping a tear from his eye.

How powerful music can be! This was new—not music at a Trump rally, but background music within the speech itself. The music faded and Trump proclaimed the climax in unison with, and to the roar of the audience: And we… will make… America… great again!”

Of course, the final intro musical selection (Lee Greenwood’s I’m proud to be an American…”) and the immediate outro music are carefully chosen. He still uses the old Sam n’ Dave blues song, specifically for the line Hold on, I’m comin’.”

The message could not be clearer, both to the millions of the 70+ million ultra-MAGAs” as well as to the tiny cabal along with their dupes and minions who despise the Trump message and shriek and shudder at the deplorable” MAGA folks as much as vampires shriek and shudder at the sign of the cross!


September 6, 2022

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