Fearless dedication needed by elected officials to help return America to God!

Here are a few excerpts from a story to illustrate the point of our blog title. All *emphases* are mine, as are all comments in [brackets].

QUOTE: Rep. Mayra Flores (R-Texas), whose political Cinderella story made her the first Mexican-born woman to serve in Congress, isn’t feeling any love from the left.

Flores ran on a conservative platform of God, family, and country in a special election to flip Texas’s 34th Congressional District red for the first time in more than a century. [This scares the Lefties to death!]

On July 6, The New York Times labeled her and two other South Texas Latina candidates as far-right.” [No, she is perfectly in the center; not too much government, not too little, exactly the amount that God ordains for government. But liars will lie, so do not expect the NYT to change. They should be ignored.]

It amazes me that because my values are rooted in God, family, and country, the liberal media takes it upon themselves to attack me and label me far-right,’” she said in a statement posted on Twitter…

The newspaper highlighted social media posts asserting Flores’s belief that Donald Trump had won reelection in 2020 and that President Joe Biden should be impeached. The article questioned her use of QAnon hashtags in the past. It noted her pro-life conservative views and that her pastor appeared at her swearing-in.

[Notice how the Leftists utterly hate anyone trying to bring Christianity back into the public square, or shudder, into government itself!]

She has brushed off the criticism and is sticking to her platform, where she openly says, Make America Godly Again.” [Ya gotta love that!]

She told The Epoch Times that her faith became the driving force behind her decision to run for Congress, although she had little political experience.

It played the biggest role for me,” Flores said. I feel our values are being lost. So for me, it was really about God.”

She wants to take Jesus to Congress and believes that people need to stand up and not fear criticism for their faith. She believes that people are hungry to hear about God and want to see prayer put back into the classroom.

We are in so much of a mess because we have put God aside,” she said…

Flores’s celebrity status as a Latina Republican has Democrats pushing back and vowing to put the muscle of their political machine to work into flipping the seat back to blue…

But Flores is keeping the faith—literally. From the beginning, she has turned to City Church in Harlingen and Pastor Luis Cabrera for support. So, it stands to reason that Cabrera became a major player in her decision to run for office. Eventually, the church would serve as her headquarters.

Cabrera told The Epoch Times that he met Flores during the Trump train rallies in South Texas in 2020. His group set up a tent and prayed for the participants. Flores started attending his church, and on Easter 2021, Cabrera baptized her.

He said he remembers the day Flores told him she was running for Congress and wanted him to be her campaign manager. He told her that he couldn’t take the job, but ended up accompanying Flores on the campaign trail to pray for her and the volunteers.

Cabrera, who has been preaching that the United States needs to be Godly again, was happy that Flores carried the mantle into her campaign. It dawned on him that electing candidates of faith is a way of returning the country to God.

Throughout her campaign, people tried to talk her out of using God in her platform, but she stood firm, he said… Cabrera said… churches and Christians across the country need to get involved in politics.

Cabrera said the crowning moment of his venture into politics was when he stood on the stage when Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) swore in Flores.

I shook her hand and said,’ Madam Speaker, we’re going to take this country back for God.’ And her reaction was priceless. She didn’t know what to say.” END QUOTE

Nancy was stupefied because she knows in her heart of hearts that it is true. The mouths of the wicked are stopped when the righteous proclaim Christ boldly!

The full story by Darlene McCormick Sanchez appeared in my print edition of the Epoch Times, July 13-19, 2022. The online edition is here. (May be behind a paywall.)


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