Ivanka Trump’s overhaul?

That’s the headline in the UKs Daily Mail online which was posted November 10th. The full story is at this link.

Readers may want to take a look at the various photos of Ivanka to decide for yourself. Here are a couple of excerpts to give you the gist of the story.

QUOTE: Plastic surgeons reveal lengthy list of procedures they believe former First Daughter has undergone - as she shows off DRAMATIC transformation at dad Donald’s $250M fraud trial.

  • Ivanka’s cosmetic surgery rumors reignited after she appeared at dad’s trial
  • Experts tell DailyMail.com her transformation is not a trick of makeup or lighting
  • They suggest she’s had work done to facial features like her nose and jaw
  • A source told DailyMail.com the surgeons’ suggestions are totally false’


Has it occurred to anyone that she has doubles?” When I saw only a short clip of her on the news as she walked into court, it struck me that she did not look like other times I had seen her (including in person and about 15 feet away from her). If she has had any nips and tucks,” it still would not preclude her having a double or two.

What do you think?


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