Tucker Carlson interviews Congressman Tim Burchett regarding his committee’s findings on UFOs

One of our intrepid correspondents sent us a link earlier today with something he knew would pique our interest—and yours. He wrote: QUOTE: Hi, James.

This is a fascinating conversation Tucker had with Rep. Tim Burchett (R-TN) regarding UFOs. Tucker briefly mentions spiritual” entities and potential deals (payments) the US Govt has made to them.

It’s kind of like the Stargate SG-1 TV series meets the SKM ISOS series. [We love the comparison and agree. Our series From Inner Space to Outer Space (ISOS) with 20 lectures on CD, of which six hours are also on video (DVDs), is still available from us.]

It’s worth the 20 minutes of time, just for the hilarious description Burchett uses regarding people who are behind the times.” It would appear we are approaching the time” when these things are going to be revealed. END QUOTE

Here is Tucker Carlson’s promo. QUOTE: Ep. 42 For more than 80 years, the US government has hidden the existence of UFOs. The question is why. The answer is ominous. END QUOTE

Wish we had more time to comment, but it’s already getting late today.

There are two ways to view it. Click here for the original on X (formerly Twitter).

Or click here for what is a large screen version which was reposted on DailyMotion.


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