The deep state is running out of options. It had to be this way.

We know there are many in our audience who have almost given up hope that the wicked will ever be brought to justice. We certainly sympathize with that goal. I personally have been waiting since the late 1970s, but I am often encouraged by the analyses from Dave Episode’s” X22 reports.

On our long drive last week to spend the Thanksgiving holiday weekend with relatives, we had the opportunity to listen to many of Dave’s recent podcasts. All of them pique my interest—although we cannot find time to hear them all, which is why we appreciate our readers calling attention to noteworthy episodes—but some are more interesting than others.

In the batch we heard on the trip, we were particularly delighted by this one linked below. Delighted because every once in a while Dave repeats (with variations) why it is taking so long for the cabal/deep state/Mystery Babylonians to be brought to justice.

We trust this will encourage you and allay your fears that we have lost and the evil ones are going to get away with it again,” etc.

This explains where we are at in the process, why there had to be a (four year) pause, and why it had to be this way. The title is Ep 3218b - [DS] Running Out Of Options, How Do You Safeguard’ US Elections, It Had To Be This Way,” and here is his promo blurb.

QUOTE : The [DS] is running out of options, they have tried everything to remove Trump and it has failed. Trump is now baiting Biden into staying in the race even though he doesn’t have the ability to win without his cheating system.

The D’s will eventually remove Biden because they will not have the ability to cheat on the scale that they would need to win, so they will need a change of batter. Trump will once again turn the tables on the [DS] and usher in paper ballots. END QUOTE

This one is the geopolitical news portion with a b” suffixed to the podcast number. Part b” omits the financial news commentary portion, and thus leaves us with only” a 1:05:43 duration. Nonetheless, as stressed in our opening comments, it is worth a listen. This report ran on November 22, 2023. Here is the link.


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