Diesel shortage alert for southeastern U.S. from Maryland to Alabama!

This could easily and very rapidly cascade into all the other states in the USA, perhaps excepting Hawaii and Alaska.

It is a very serious situation because this cabal-contrived shortage could very quickly devolve into a shortage of every necessity of life! Think about it. Groceries and gasoline and practically all merchandise gets delivered on diesel-fueled trucks.

We have encouraged all our readers previously, but it bears repeating: pray and prepare for these possible outages. From an article dated October 29, 2022, QUOTE:

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — A major company that tracks the availability of fuel issued an alert on Friday for a diesel fuel shortage in the Southeastern United States, including North and South Carolina.

Friday’s alert from Mansfield Energy also includes Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama and Maryland. The fuel supply and logistics company noted extremely high prices in the Northeast along with supply outages along the Southeast.”

The alert also said conditions are rapidly devolving” with economics changing significantly” daily. END QUOTE

The rest of the story is here.


October 31, 2022

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