Were Congresswoman Jackie Walorski and actress Anne Heche murdered?

When we heard the tragic news of Indiana Rep. Jackie Walorski’s death in an automobile accident on August 3rd, we looked at several accounts of the story online and concluded that it must have been due to something as common as a distracted driver.

The crash also killed the driver, St. Joseph County (Indiana) Republican Party Chairman, Zachery Potts, and Walorski’s Communications Manager, Emma Thomson. As the Potts vehicle crossed the center line, it smashed head on into a car driven by Edith Schmucker, who also died.

Now we are wondering, in light of the following information, if this was a hit” by minions of the cabal. Walorski had been in communication with Hollywood actress Anne Heche concerning child sex trafficking. Heche had openly revealed that she had been molested frequently by her father from the time she was very young.

(With that kind of childhood trauma, it is no surprise then that she must have had an aversion to men and thus entered the world of lesbianism.)

We thank the several correspondents who forwarded links to this article and videos within it. We had linked to a previous post by Sorcha Faal” (SF) in a previous blog and we gave our opinions there about the trustworthiness of Sorcha Faal, so we shall not repeat that here, except to say, pray for discernment!

We had also seen another video which shows the gurney (with Heche totally enclosed in the body bag, as though she is deceased) being wheeled towards the ambulance. The portion shown in the link below, of Heche trying to exit the body bag, only loops the last couple of seconds. We had also seen another video of what is supposedly her vehicle speeding VERY fast just before the crash.

One of our key questions has to do with who shot the video from above? Are small drones with cameras now so common that this incident just happened to be caught by someone who might be an ambulance chaser,” who happens to be quite skilled with his drone fitted with a remote-controlled camera?

Secondly, I don’t get the question in the video about ambulance #666. It does not look like 666 to us. If anyone of our readers can explain that, we would appreciate hearing from you.

Given Heche’s connection with Walorski, we now place these accidents” in the very suspicious” category. Were both women part of cabal wet work” operation to remove persons trying to expose the child sex/pedo global networks? …Networks which open sources on the web assert includes people at the very highest levels of government, banking, business, entertainment/media, etc.

The full report can be found here and is entitled: Actress Anne Heche And Republican Jackie Walorski Deaths Linked To CIA QNX Murder Device

Here is an excerpt beginning at the fifth paragraph from the bottom of the Sorcha Faal report.

QUOTE: (All emphases and links are in the SF report).

In viewing the very sparse portions of this classified at the highest level SVR report appended to today’s transcript permitted to be openly discussed among various ministries, most glaring to be noticed is an INTERPOL-Russia document about child sex slave trafficking in Eastern Europe— a document critical to notice because it notes Russian child sex trafficking investigators cooperating with an American Christian Missionary in the Eastern European nation of Romania named Jackie Walorski, who after returning to the United States and being elected to the US Congress, sponsored the Human Trafficking Prevention, Intervention, and Recovery Act of 2014—and during the past year, the SVR notes in their file about US Congresswoman Walorski that she had been in contact with Hollywood actress Anne Heche, who during past year was making the movie Girl In Room 13 about child sex slavery and trafficking.



August 16, 2022

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