Your Spirit irritates their demons!”

Here is a column by a local, conservative Republican whom I met back in the early 1990s, although he probably would not remember me now. For a time, he was the only conservative out of 7 members of the Asheville (now known as Trashville) City Council. The Council is now 7 socialist-communists, and the Buncombe County Commission is now likewise run by a majority of far-Lefties.

Dr. M. writes regularly for local, free-distribution newspapers. The publisher of the Asheville Daily Planet (gotta like that name), John North, is a friend of mine. This column by Dr. M. is a short but worthwhile read, loaded with sarcasm in places:

The Candid Conservative: Turning Left into darkness

Some people will never like you because your spirit irritates their demons.”

— Denzel Washington

By CARL MUMPOWER   Special to the Daily Planet

Just when you think the liberal-progressive-socialist movement has run out of fresh ways to validate their Anarchy-R-Us” model of self-destruction, darned if they don’t seem to always step up to the plate.

A recent demonstration of Left-minded enlightenment found the boys and girls in black kicking a Bible around at yet another We Hate Everything” rally. When those weed-singed lungs got to huffing and puffing, they concluded the game by dropping that Bible into a port-a-john.

My favorite broadminded line by a participant — I understand why the Romans liked to kill Christians.”

As time stumbles on, conservative thinkers should remember that demonic behaviors rarely just run their course and fade away. More commonly, evil accelerates until it hits a wall and explodes.

That’s where the left is heading, at least as determined by the best predictor of future behavior — past behavior, as follows:

  • Electing Biden — What kind political movement would consciously push a cognitively and morally impaired candidate for presidency? Well, that would be people who are — though perhaps unconsciously — suffering their own versions of cognitive and moral mpairment.

  • Destruction of the Family — Whether sowing confusion on what a man and a woman really are, mass promotion of gender-exchange, public welfare policy that destroys family unity, drug culture advocacy, or hyperkinetic sexual immorality, the Left has it in for the family. Is that important? Yes — at least to the extent that you can’t have healthy people and a healthy culture without a foundation of healthy families.

  • Indifference to Higher Authority — I hate to break it to the Bible-kicking crowd, but that book and the authentically loving Christian values it contains are the foundation of America’s imperfect-but-magnificent success equation. Discouraging and discarding our historic foundation of faith is an error of devilish magnitude.

  • Border Chaos — Anyone believing America can successfully navigate and challenge the growing calamities of our world while ignoring border sovereignty is naïve and dangerous. What’s happening on our Southern flank is catastrophe— a la Democrat Party policy.

  • Critical Race Theory — When one is up to social mischief, it’s always necessary to create a bodyguard of lies to support that agenda. There’s a mission of division, racism and disorder at the heart of CRT being pushed by schools, political activists, and mass media. Not-so-ironically, underneath CRTs cuddly surface message stands a deadly bodyguard of dishonest white people.

  • Constitutional Antagonism — Liberals want their way or no way and thus their burning indifference to the Constitution. Don’t like a Supreme Court decision? Well, let’s pack the court with our guys.” Don’t like the balancing, self-correcting nature of Congress? Well, let’s do away with the rules.” Don’t like the 2nd Amendment’s declaration that we have a right to the effective means to protect ourselves from criminals and tyrants? Well, let’s murder that right and pretend it’s a good thing.”

  • Something for Nothing — Listen to any public speech by a Left-leaning politician, and they will reliably sell the idea they’re going to provide something for nothing. That there is no such thing as something for nothing” doesn’t in the least hinder these con-artists.

  • Abortion — The Supreme Court did not do away with abortion. They simply transferred determination of how best to approach this issue to our 50 states. A reset was needed. In the corrupt world of DCs central control, we had reached a point of absurdity where abortion advocates had become boundary-less on terminating a beating human heart.

  • Annihilating the Rule-of-Law — Any society that abandons responsible standards of behavior and reasoned enforcement of those standards is destined to dramatic decline. That’s a succinct definition of the intent of anarchism — the soul of today’s Leftist movement.

  • Unpeaceful Demonstrations — It’s a hoot to watch local and national liberally biased media outlets fall over themselves trying to sell the pretense of peaceful left-wing demonstrations. Blocking roads, intimidating and attacking others, and property vandalism have the same connection to peaceful that a guillotine has to body integrity.

Conservative-minded folks seeking to counter the Left’s nonsense have a simple formula to follow — in almost all cases the answer will be to travel in the opposite direction.

A more specific action is to implement the oft-cited model of buy local.” While things are outrageous on the national and world stage, we remain predominantly in charge of keeping our own house anchored in a good place.

If a majority of Americans would work harder at that duty, the left’s demonic mission would fast become as irrelevant as it deserves to be… END QUOTE

Here is a link to Dr. Mumpower’s piece in the Daily Planet

For the weekend, we will leave you with a link to this brief comedy skit. Our good friend, Marty, our Northern Rockies correspondent,” sent it along with the notation, that James, Knowing how much you like dealing with words, thought you would get a kick out of this.

It runs about nine minutes. It’s the story of the Three Little Pigs Like You’ve Never Heard Before with John Branyan.

We hear the huffin’ and puffin’, Marty. Many thanks!


August 12, 2022

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