Our grizzly mama bear addresses school board

An article in the January 25-31, 2023 print edition of the Epoch Times was entitled Behind the public school exodus of 1.4 million children.”

The whole Covid and subsequent injections mandates from our tyrannical governments—top to bottom—were largely responsible for this exodus, although homeschooling families had already been growing in geometric proportions this past decade.

We have featured the local activity of this woman, one of our Mighty Network members, whom we have characterized as a grizzly mama bear,” an epithet which she cherishes, she told me.

She recently spoke at her local school board and sent me the text of her three-minute address to the board which is lopsided at 7-2 members, favoring the Lefties.

After she after consulting with the people in the know, she thought it the course of prudence to focus on one timely, hot button issue, and avoid getting into the whole truckload” of issues at this time.

She is very red-pilled in almost all subjects one can think of, but this is a time for wise discretion. So, for your edification and encouragement to action, here is her address.

QUOTE: Good evening, I am here as a mother of four that currently homeschools my three school-aged children. You may be wondering, If she homeschools her children, why does she care about public schools?”

Because I care about my community and how my tax dollars are spent. I care about underprivileged families for whom homeschool may not be a viable alternative, especially in a single-parent household.

All families EXPECT a quality education be provided to their children, especially at the current price tag of roughly $12k per student in Wake County. For those unaware, that’s nearly double the typical cost of private school!

My main concern is reversing the catastrophic learning loss as a result of forced remote-learning for nearly 18 months that disproportionately affects our underprivileged families.

Recent data indicates our math and reading scores are dropping off a cliff. What is being done to correct this situation? How are District resources being spent to help our kids catch up?

Actual and projected Covid-19 relief spending through June 30 of this year shows that 77% of it has supplied bonus pay.”

I am happy that teachers and administrators are getting paid more, as they have the highly important job of teaching the next generation how to read and write, to understand our history and learn from it, to perform mathematical calculations and scientific processes.

Being a home-school teacher, I know just how draining and rewarding that task can be. While I am happy of the higher pay, I see little to no resources being spent on remediation!

As a member of the Wake County community, I am here to point out that while the board claims to be laser-focused on equity, you are ignoring the whole reason we are all here in this room: Our kids’ education.

It is time you treat this as the emergency it is and allocate the remaining Covid-19 relief funds on addressing the immediate need to get our students caught up while they still have time. Thank you.



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