Grown-up trans kid’ details horrors of trans surgeries

It is easy to condemn the trans community.” The manifesto of the transgender shooter of nine people, children and adults, at the Nashville Christian school about a year ago has just been released. We plan to bring details about it soon.

Yes, it was a horrendous taking of innocent life there at the Christian school. There is no moral justification for murder, for those heinous sins committed by the trans” shooter—just as there is no moral justification for your sins and mine.

The point being, without condoning the sins of any transgender person, let us pray God that He would bring them to repentance (the Greek word in the Bible means a change of mind) and to faith in Jesus Christ, … for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.” NKJ Acts 4:12

The story of Briana Ivy (just below) might make you weep as it exposes the tragic and painful process and the abominable outcome of this wickedness being done to children. God forgive us!

You might wish to share this article with others and get it into the hands of any young person and their parents who may not understand what they are getting into.

The Daily Wire is an online conservative news source headed by Orthodox Jew Ben Shapiro. A dear one graciously subscribed to the Daily Wire for us.

While we obviously have some religious differences of opinion with Mr. Shapiro, I admire his keen intellect and willingness to take on the Left. Many talented writers are affiliated with the Daily Wire, including the author of the above article, Amanda Prestigiacomo, and Candace Owens, whose interview provided the basis for Ms. Prestigiacomo’s article above.

Click here for the full interview by Candace Owens with this trans-person.


November 7, 2023

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