Juan O Savin is asked: Is that biblical Israel?

Rick (the host of Blessed2Teach) interviewed Juan O Savin (107) on November 1st. He begins by bringing up the present Israeli-Hamas conflict, saying to Juan that he (Rick) notices that there a lot of truthers’ who are going in the wrong direction, in my opinion, about this Khazarian Jews, and all the people in Israel are bad, and Netanyahu is bad, and everything was an inside job.

And I just want to throw that to you [Juan]…I am refuting a lot of that myself…but I wanted to ask you… is that the biblical Israel? Are the people genetically Jewish? Any thoughts on that?”

Instead of answering directly, Juan—as he often does—avoids the direct answer and goes back to the Bible story of Abraham, the exodus, etc. to set the stage for the larger answer. Juan includes a mention of satan’s blocking army” as the children of Israel came into the promised land.

He is referring to the irruption of the wicked angels and their Nephilim offspring, but he does not explain any further about them in this interview. Most of our readers are aware that we have expounded upon the Nephilim-giants, UFOs and the Nazis, Antarctic bases, and dozens of related topics in great detail in our series, From Inner Space to Outer Space.

We set forth those teachings well over ten years before we (I) ever heard of Juan O Savin, or of him under his previous pseudonym. Click here to view our Order Forms wherein you will find a detailed synopsis and ordering information for this extraordinarily fascinating series of Bible studies.

We may have made one or two slips of the tongue, but other than that, I am aware of nothing I would change in that series.

The astute Mr. 107 knows that if he answered the host immediately and accurately, a multitude of listeners would probably tune out at that point. They (the tuning-out Christians) are like the host in this regard.

They have been programmed and brainwashed all their Christian lives by the false doctrines of most evangelical and fundamental churches who teach that the Khazars in the Israeli state are God’s chosen people, Israel.

Sorry (no, I’m not!) to burst that bubble in your mind, but there has been a massive, global case of identity theft.” Yes, that’s exactly what it is: the children of Esau-Edom (and others) have been posing as the children of Jacob-Israel.

Rick and his audience have a lot of catching up to do regarding Who’s Who in the Bible Today, which coincidentally is the title of our 12-lecture series, part 12 of which we just completed sending out to our CD Ministry. See page 3 of our Master Order Form.

That series was designed to form the basis of a series of blogs which we shall begin to post as soon as possible. Before we can do that, however, it will encompass much more work by us in order to add appropriate maps, charts and other visual graphics to aid the slumbering blue-pilled among our Christian brethren in their understanding and to help get them up to speed.

As we made these notes only five minutes into listening to Rick and Juan, we are curious and hopeful that Juan will enlighten Rick and his audience that it is indeed an inside job.

One reason we know that is because of the work of one of the great American patriots of the past 60 years, former Texas Congressman Dr. Ron Paul (father of Kentucky Senator Dr. Rand Paul).

During his long career in Congress, Dr. Ron Paul tried on numerous times to audit the Fed and expose their enormous criminal enterprise known as the Federal Reserve System. But to the point here, back in 1986 Rep. Dr. Ron Paul read into the Congressional Record, stating on the floor of Congress that Hamas is a creation of the Mossad!

Does that not explain why the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) were ordered to stand down and to back away from their airtight border with Gaza, which thereby allowed the relatively few Hamas terrorists on October 7 to enter Israel and massacre hundreds? Shades of 9-11 and Pearl Harbor, isn’t it? Same type of false flag.

Similarly, when ISIS reared its ugly head, we theorized that ISIS also was a creation of the cabal. We suspect that some of our readers may not be aware that it was indeed. It was run by Sen. John McCain, and was created by the black hats in our CIA, along with Mossad, MI-6, Obama, and others.

Trump knew this and thus, when he took over, he simply gave the green light to let the white hats of the military do what they do best. Within weeks, ISIS existed no longer.

But since Obama began his secret third term” with Faux Joe as the front man in 2021, some of the surviving ISIS members are now probably being used for other purposes and under other names to create chaos in the Middle East and elsewhere.

So, yes, Rick, as Q repeated numerous times, we are watching a show.” This does not mean that the horrific bloodshed in Israel and Gaza is not real. That you/we are watching a show” simply means that things are not what they appear to be.

Here is Rick’s website’s preview of the interview. As usual, all emphases and comments within [brackets] are ours.

QUOTE: Juan has a great Presentation here with Rick and they give a Biblical prospective of the current crisis in Israel. We have so much to learn. Great Prayer at the end [We agree].

He also goes into the Energy Crisis and how the dynamic during Obama, made it impossible for creating our own system of having our own resources. Within the Trump Administration we became an Exporter of Oil.

The Mid-East Dynamic and the history is also explained here.. very concisely.

Our Heritage of One Nation Under God is more important than anyone can imagine.

[Yes, and dear Christian brethren at Blessed2Teach, you never will understand it until you DYOH (do your own homework) and come to the realization that we are the true Israelites, physical descendants of Jacob-Israel! We are doing what we can with our resources to assist you in doing an indepth investigations of this claim of ours.

The rapture is spiritually ruptured—a false doctrine. We carry the book The Rapture Plot (B-180) to help get you started on that angle. Click here to view the Master Order Form.

We have a foundation in God’s Word. Each of you can MINISTER at this TIME and assist with the difficult times ahead. PRAY. END QUOTE

We shall see how much Juan reveals here because we are certain, based on listening to many of his presentations over the years, that he knows Who’s Who…”

We were able to finish the interview late last night. Juan explains the Rothschild funding of the founding of the state of Israel, with the help of the British Empire.

Mr. 107 does not reveal here that the British Empire, like the American Empire” of the past century is a mixed bag. That is to say, there are white hat and black hat groups in a perpetual struggle for power.

Unfortunately (or Providentially—depending on your perspective), we are living in the era when thou [Esau-Edom] shall have dominion” (Genesis 27:40). This dominion has taken the form of financial control via central banks in almost every nation on the face of the earth.

Thus, the British” Empire was financed and controlled by the black hat group called The Bank of England,” which is the central bank controlled by the Rothschilds and their interlocking/intermarried families headquartered in the City of London. (The City refers to the one square mile area inside the metropolis known as the city of London. The City is the Wall Street” of Great Britain.)

We have discussed all this and much more in our series, Mystery Babylon and the Stone Kingdom. We have serialized about two-thirds of that series into chapters, split into smaller blogs. To access it, begin by clicking here.

Juan delicately explains the re-inventing of Freemasonry by the occultist-satanist, Albert Pike, in the 1800s, and their blueprint for three world wars to come, and how the present situation in the Middle East is the execution of that plan.

Juan commits a slip of the tongue discussing Pike because we are sure he knows that Pike was not from Arizona. He must have meant Arkansas, where Pike moved to in his later years.

Pike had been a General in the Confederate Army and had done much of his masonic work while living in Charleston, South Carolina. The man was thoroughly debauched and evil.

Will the satanists succeed? They will if Christians remain asleep; i.e., ignorant of what is really going on in the world. Rick and company are still asleep when it comes to these vital topics.

To be clear about the Freemasons, we are not broad brushing all members of the Freemasons. I have known many of them (and still do). I once worked for one (in my days in working in public relations). I had a close friendship with another who was the president of (non-major) oil company.

I met two men whom I knew were 33rd degree masons and one of them became a good friend, although both were 30 years my senior at the time of our meeting.

So, I fully recognize that there are many good (but blinded) men who may be your father, your brother, your son, nephew, grandfather, uncle, or friends of yours. The Freemason organization was infiltrated and taken over by Rothschild agent, Adam Weishaupt, in the late 1700s, as he founded the Illuminati.

Even today, the wicked ones who are at the top of the cabal need to have plenty of innocent and decent men as members to give cover to their secret and dastardly deeds of darkness. DYOH.

We admire how Juan can tippy-toe and still convey truth in love. Here is a close paraphrase of how he began to tell Blessed2Teach’s audience (and Rick, too) how they are blind.

Juan said, Every person in your audience…guys…has a story of being fooled…conned. And then when we learn the truth we are embarrassed.

Juan uses as an introduction to discuss who the people are who migrated to Israel and who founded the Israeli state. He is clearly tippy-toeing there, as he tries to gently bring listeners to Rick’s broadcast into a greater understanding of the truth.

So, if we were to be nitpickers, there are certain statements by Juan that we might take issue with, but all in all, Juan does a creditable job here in knowing his audience and trying to carefully begin to pry open their minds and insert a not-too-uncomfortable dose of red pill reality-truth.

This video runs 46:21. Here is the link.

As a bonus today, here is sarcastic humorist, J. P. Sears’ take on the current Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Unlike most of his previous work which can cause you to fall out of your chair laughing, this episode is not really all that funny. But it does cause those with some ability left to think logically to actually do so.

If you listen carefully, you will hear him repeat my statement above concerning Dr. Ron Paul’s findings of the origin of Hamas. Sears does not mention Dr. Paul however. This runs about seven minutes but the last couple minutes are his commercial.


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