Kari Lake reveals how RINO chairman of Arizona GOP attempted to bribe her to drop out of Senate race

We are regular viewers of Fox Business News’ Sunday Morning Futures program hosted by Maria Bartiromo. She has always been one of the best (most hard-hitting to get to the truth of many red pill stories) over at Fox. Frequent guests include Jim Jordan, Devin Nunes, Kash Patel, Rand Paul, etc. We DVR her show and watch it as time permits.

This past Sunday Ms. Bartiromo had Arizona Senate candidate Kari Lake as one of her guests. At about 30 minutes into the show, immediately after her interview of Dr. Ben Carson concluded, Maria did the tease before the commercials, playing the actual audio recording of former AZ GOP chairman Jeff DeWit making the offer, along with Fox-produced transcripts of the conversation.

DeWit resigned earlier this week in the fallout of the release of the recording. Curiously, a web search on YouTube, and on Fox News itself only presents an edited version. Here is the link to it on Fox. It’s the same on YouTube.

The clip does show Kari telling the story of how the attempted bribe happened, but curiously, the actual audio of DeWit and Lake, and the on-screen transcript have been edited out.

So here are the screenshots which are now missing online which we snapped in sequence but are now not part of the online segment. Hearing the actual audio is very powerful!

We would not be surprised if DeWit-less does end up getting just what he told Kari Lake he was afraid of… Then I turn my key in my car and I just (makes explosion noise).”

Such is the fate for those who get in bed with the cabal, the great whore of Mystery Babylon, and fail in their assigned duties (in this case, to get Kari Lake compromised like he is).

Even without the dramatic actual audio of DeWit and Lake, the six-minute clip is worth a listen.


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