Why are the Rothschilds selling at auction numerous items from their centuries of collecting?

This brief video was evidently recorded last Thursday, October 19th. From the Juan O Savin Presentations website (whoever that is, and we shall not take the time to correct his/her grammar, punctuation, etc.), QUOTE:

How an appetite for the best’ fueled the Rothschild family’s renowned collecting style. JUAN and NINO visit the why of a SALE like this at this time. I will show the HOW side here:

In October, Christie’s in New York will host the first-ever North American auction of objects from the Rothschild family. Across three live sales on 11, 12 and 13 October in New York and a concurrent online auction, over 600 lots from the collection will be offered.

Dating back to the late 18th century, the legendary collection of the Rothschild family encompasses art and objects of unparalleled quality and RARITY. No price is too high for the acquisition of true masterpieces,’ wrote Baron James Mayer de Rothschild in 1855.

The patriarch of the French branch of the dynastic Rothschild family, James was a scholarly and insatiable connoisseur whose private collection was one of the most esteemed of his era. Along with his wife, Betty, and later his son Alphonse, James developed a museum’s worth of art and objects that he meticulously displayed throughout his many residences.

In this show JUAN makes a few comparisons to others of wealth” that could be a part of something so spectacular as these ART WORKS of HISTORIC SIGNIFICANCE.

Really these are not things you want to hang in your Living room these are MUSEUM PIECES. Like the Header on this program : As a collector, James was drawn to items of supreme rarity, such as a series of gilded leather panels depicting The Triumph of David that were built for the palatial residence of Schloss Weißenstein.

Detail of The Triumph of David, c. 1650. Painted and embossed leather panels, laid down on canvas. 133 x 665 in (340 x 1690 cm). Estimate: $1,000,000-2,000,000 Look closely the man on the HORSE is DAVID and in his hands is the MONSTER GOLIATH’S HEAD.

NINO keeps asking WHY SELL NOW? Well… maybe old Antiquities are being sold to some MUSEUM that will display them to attract visitors. Or Individuals that want to impress people with something with a certification of authenticity that may become a thing of the past. As an Art Gallery Production Manager.. I know exactly who bought these and why. They are the things that we can not replace. And the Rothschilds and their LEGACY is coming to an END.

They know right now FIAT money is still worth something and are packin’ it in and getting out.. so it is shipped back to Europe.. good.. going to JAPAN where they LOVE these ODDITIES.. better.. will they be accessible to the PUBLIC in the future.. who cares?

Museum and Art Galleries all over the World are going out of Business and having FIRE SALES. They know they are TARGETED. GETTY just lost most of HIS COLLECTION why?

As Nino asked.. because the MONEY that came to GETTY was DIRTY MONEY in CHILD HORRORS. The Rothschild Family has a different situation completely. Going through the pre-sale catalog is like a walk through HISTORY. Equals of the great merchant princes’

When James expanded the family’s banking empire, de Rothschild Frères, to France in the early 19th century, he swiftly became a powerful figure in the country. His influence grew as he established the firm as leading banker to the French state, financed the construction of railways and mines and invested in outside trades like wine and tea.

Over time, his business savvy made him one of the richest men in the world. Unfettered in what they could buy, James and Betty amassed a collection that underscored their luxurious way of life.

Here we have a family who had made, in two to three generations, the biggest fortune in Europe,’ says Jonathan Rendell, Deputy Chairman at Christie’s Americas. They were not just wealthy, they were a political force. Their collection reflects a family who saw themselves as equals of the great merchant princes of Italy and the various German royal families.’ …

Be sure to watch the video..[linked in the Nino-107 interview] it explains the 55 foot Mural on Leather and Canvas that is the most incredible piece of history I have ever seen.. Take a picture.. because where might you put something like this? That is the answer to the QUESTION.. HISTORY is of no significance anymore. Therefore .. off it goes. END QUOTE

This video is only 17:55 and quite interesting. Here’s the link to the Juan-Nino interview. At the website are links to several of the items mentioned by the author of the quoted description above.


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