One Word to Destroy a Nation

As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog, here below is my brief address to the monthly luncheon of a neighboring county’s GOP monthly meeting. They had about 85 people in attendance.

That county’s GOP chairman had attended and heard me speak on Constitutional issues a few months ago at our own county GOP Women’s Club (where I, being a man, am an associate member, the men comprising about 20% of the membership).

Immediately after the meeting he gave me his card and said he would like me to come to their group and address them briefly on Constitutional issues, as well as provide the invocation.

Also during that meeting and before I spoke, he gave five minutes each to the several candidates for judges, and then three minutes each to the dozen candidates running for their county school board.

As it turned out, the invited keynote speaker is a lady whom I had met about a year and a half ago. Her name is Tanzy Wallace and she is active in the Frederick Douglass Foundation.

(Selfie by James Bruggeman with Tanzy Wallace in October 2022)

She is a lifelong conservative Republican who well understands how the Dems have used and abused the black people as a reliable voting bloc. That is now falling apart as millions more black people are waking up to the scam and finding they have more in common with Republicans than the socialist Dems.

(Here is a photo of Tanzy and me taken by one of the ladies accompanying her at the meeting on February 17th. Admittedly, the lighting was terrible.)

As I began my talk (and not in the script), I got a little chuckle as I mentioned my prior acquaintance with Tanzy and told her and the audience how I was delighted to be the warm up band” for her. Here is the text of the talk:

It is my honor to be among you today. I have been allotted five minutes. And so, while I did not wish to spend any time giving you my background, what I have to share with you is something that relates to my background.

My undergraduate degree is in Broadcast Journalism and Public Relations.

Even though I left that field as my career many decades ago, I have continued to study and keep up with national and world affairs, and in particular how the news media, the education establishment, and the entertainment industry form our culture and shape our minds.

You could say it is mind control and you would be spot on.

Within a year after my graduation, I came across a vast amount of information which, after many months of study, led me to conclude that I had been thoroughly brainwashed and indoctrinated in my so-called higher” education at the Ohio State University.

You see, I had come out of Ohio State as a socialist by default. Not that I was a card-carrying member of any socialist or communist groups, but my mindset was of the far Leftist ideology. However, within a year after graduating, my worldview and mindset had flipped about 180 degrees.

I do not recall who first made this statement, but it certainly still seems applicable. This is my paraphrase: If you’re not a liberal by the time you are 20, then you don’t have a heart.

But if you’re not a conservative by the time you’re 40, then you don’t have brain. Of course, the ideal is to retain the heart of compassion, but factor in the critical thinking brain, wouldn’t you agree?

So how does all this relate to my message for you? It does because I want to speak to you about the power of words and language. Words and language are tools which are neutral in themselves; but just like fire, they can be used for good or for evil.

I have recently recorded three Bible lectures—each about an hour in length—on this very topic. But today, given the time constraints, we shall focus on just one word and how the enemies of God and country have amassed immense power by the use of this word. The word is democracy.

In Journalism school we were trained that in our profession, we take our cues from two institutions, the New York Times and the Washington Post. The motto of the Post which is emblazoned on their masthead is this: Democracy Dies in Darkness.

If I had the time—and you needed the proof—I could present to you literally hundreds of examples of pundits, politicians and plebeians describing our government as a democracy.

Here are just a couple [hold up the newspaper]: Headline on an opinion piece by well-known conservative pundit, Victor Davis Hanson: Sacrificing Democracy to Destroy Trump.”

Perhaps you have seen the weekly program on Newsmax TV with political advisor Dick Morris, an avid Trump supporter, but who formerly worked for Bill Clinton. He calls his program Dick Morris Democracy.”

Then here [hold up the newspaper] is a story about Davos Elites Say Trump Is Threat.” The pull quote here is from Christine Lagarde, president of the European Central Bank: We are all concerned about it because the United States is…the largest defense country in the world, and has been a beacon of democracy…”

And yet, we were founded as a republic and not a democracy, and let me assure you, there are very critical differences between the two. Our Pledge of Allegiance does not date back to the founding, but it is correct when we pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the democracy…!? No, to the republic for which the flag stands.

Did you know that the Founding Fathers absolutely detested democracy as a form of government? Why? Because it easily and inevitably leads to anarchy and from thence to tyranny and total government, no matter what label or name you want to put on totalitarianism.

Again, if we had more time, I could recite dozens of quotations from the Founders revealing their utter abhorrence of democracies. I only have time for one, this, by James Madison, who as a member of the Constitutional Convention, wrote the following:

…democracies have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention; have ever been found incompatible with personal security, or the rights of property; and have in general been as short in their lives as they have been violent in their deaths.”

Let us not give an inch to the collectivist Leftists. Let us insist we are a republic, and let us not even agree that we are a democratic republic.” Rubbish! The USA is a republic, period.

Why is this important? Because the goal of the Left has been to control the minds of the masses through language, so that we all come to believe that we are a democracy. And then they implement democratic reforms” and in a very short time, we have lost our liberties.

It is happening all around us. Please, ladies and gentlemen, let us not merely meet, eat and retreat.” That’s what the RINOs do. Instead, let each of us get as active as we can locally to restore our republic under God. Thank you for your kind attention. END OF TALK

Incidentally, the chairman said he would like me to return sometime to be the keynote speaker. One of the men in the group, who is a precinct chair in that county, engaged me in conversation as I was leaving the gathering.

Nice fellow. Turns out he evacuated” his home state of California within the past two years, and in addition to being a precinct chair is running a Biblical Christianity seminar (weekly classes) based on the work of David Barton and Rick Green.

We all know the conservative plea to newcomers from blue states to leave their socialistic ideas (if any) back in the blue state from which they are fleeing.

As I later looked more closely at his business card, I realized we need not have any of those concerns about this gentleman because just above his name is printed this motto which is very familiar to many of us: Where We Go One, We Go All (often abbreviated in the Q posts as WWG1WGA). I am looking forward to seeing him again. I know we could exchange ideas for hours.


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