An Astonishing VP Choice Forced” on Trump?

Back in March this year when Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. announced his pick for his Vice-Presidential running mate, the Democrats panicked. He had picked one of his mega-donors, Nicole Shanahan, a far-Leftist progressive” lawyer from California.

This should not have been surprising to those who had dug into RFK, Jr’s positions on key policy issues—he’s quite far to the Left himself.

We are not a fan of Sean Hannity—it’s his fingernails-on-the-blackboard personality. But on Sean’s positions and perspectives we do find much common ground.

We are grateful for Hannity’s continuing expose of RFK, Jr’s core beliefs on many fundamental Constitutional issues. Here, for example, is a brief summation of a video (linked here) of Hannity with the now-independent candidate for the Presidency. This is dated April 5, 2024. QUOTE:

While Hannity admitted to liking RFK Jr. personally — and stressed that the Biden Administration should provide Secret Service protection for him given his tragic family history — Hannity hit RFK Jr. for previous comments on fracking, reorienting” the police, and student loan forgiveness.

Hannity says bleeding-heart liberals” will find some of RFK Jr.’s policy positions very appealing.

If you’re a left-wing voter, Kennedy gives you all the nutty, Biden, Bernie Sanders, Green New Deal, climate alarmists policies … and he definitely knows what day of the week it is,” Hannity says. END QUOTE

Many Dems are now convinced that RFK, Jr. will be playing the spoiler in the November 5 Presidential election, thus handing the Oval Office to DJT. We agree.

As for the Bydan-Harris ticket, at this point, it looks like they are headed for the political cliff without their seatbelts buckled. Adios, Thelma and Louise!

On the Republican side, all the conservative pundits are marveling at the deep bench” of the Republican Party as possibilities abound for Trump’s running mate. Most also agree that DJT need not be concerned about choosing a mate that will help him win the race. He can do that alone.

The Donald himself has stated frequently that his primary requirements for a running mate are (1) that he/she have the skills and temperament necessary to fulfill the highest office in the federal government, and

(2) that the VP running mate be someone who is in agreement with DJTs vision and policies, summed up in the now iconic slogan of Make America Great Again (MAGA).

Even the newly-elected President of Argentina is borrowing MAGA to mean Make Argentina Great Again. Moreover, in a stunning shocker, the European voters’ shift away from the globalistas” in this past weekend’s EU elections are another very positive sign for freedom lovers everywhere.

At this stage, speculation proliferates among everyone now paying attention as to who will get the coveted role of Trump’s choice for VP. Will it be Vivek Ramaswamy? Doug Burgum? J.D. Vance, Marco Rubio, Dr. Ben Carson, Tim Scott?

How about Kristi Noem? (Don’t think so, after she shot herself in the foot with her refusal to come clean” about her autobiography (ghostwritten, of course).)

How about Mike Pompeo? (A solid choice.) Some have wildly speculated that Nikki Haley will be the one!! (We say, no way, Nikki !)

However, there is another possibility that was brought to our attention this past weekend as I enjoyed a dinner with our friends, Gary and his wife, Victoria.

We have not heard this choice anywhere else being suggested for precisely the reasons Gary shared with me explaining why it may have to be this way. Nor has Gary heard it anywhere else. I was stunned, but then quickly understood Gary’s reasoning.

For, as Juan O Savin (Mr. 107) assures us repeatedly in his interviews with various podcasters as he sings:” Twenty-twenty, it’s not over…yet! (Followed by self-effacing belly laughter.)

Essentially, Gary reviews what the red-pilled among us realize: That the 2020 election was undoubtedly stolen by the Biden gang. Overwhelming evidence exists and will be brought to the fore in due time. Of course, brought to the fore” is in reference to the broad general public.

At this time, only the red-pilled who have kept up with the Q posts, X22 Reports, Mr. 107 presentations et al. understand just how overwhelming are the proofs of the great trap set by DJT and the white hats. It had to be this way.

So therefore, when the Dems panic reaches maximum, and as D-day” (Donald’s day, November 5th) approaches, they will be using every legal, illegal, immoral, and criminal method they can devise to try to prevent Trump from re-assuming the helm of the ship-of-state.

We would not be at all surprised if he is actually imprisoned at Rikers Island in New York—which would only strengthen his appeal further with many good people who happen to be traditional Democrats finally coming over to the Republican side to support Trump.

Incidentally, Gary and I agreed that, like Bydin, Trump has one or more doubles, but that if he has to go to jail, it will have to be the real DJT, not a double. (Q assured us in 2017 that he will be safe.)

Because if the truth ever got out that the real DJT did not actually go to jail, he would be breaking the law by not personally going to jail. At that point, his credibility and support would crumble like a hard, stale cookie hit with a ball peen hammer.

Back to 2020, it’s not over yet…” As Gary explained and I paraphrase, when the Dems fire all their remaining ammo (as in trying to start a civil war), and this causes the need for the white hat military to step in (we have been in a state of war since Trump was in office)…

Then the military will determine that a coup d’état had occurred with the legitimate President (DJT) having been overthrown in the November 2020 election, and that DJT had overwhelmingly won that election…

This will mean that a reset” is the only way to establish justice. Meaning, that Trump will be reinstated to the office of President and VP Pence to the office of Vice-president—yikes!

So, as Gary concluded and we concur, this is the only legal (albeit under military law and justice) manner in which Constitutional government can be restored.

Trump will be stuck with” Pence until they both re-assume office, whereupon we are sure that DJT has enough incriminating evidence of crimes on Pence that Pence will soon step down under a deal that he could not refuse,” or as he will put it, to spend more time with my family.” Uh-huh.

President Trump can then announce his personal choice for an ally who can be trusted to carry on the MAGA program after him.

It makes sense to us, and we greatly appreciate Gary’s insights. We are also grateful for his permission to share it with all you fellow red-pilled patriots who read these posts.

For those of you readers who are members of our Mighty Network platform, we are eager to see your thoughts in the Comments section concerning Gary’s astute observations.


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