Flynn/Clark — [WEF] Is Involved In The Border Invasion, The People Are Fighting Back, The [DS] Is Feeling The Pain

This interview was posted on Dave Episode’s” X22 Report site on October 7, 2023. At one point, Dave begins to bring up the military option, but Flynn cuts him off and one could easily get the impression that Flynn is saying don’t count on the military.

But, if we read between the lines, we can see that Flynn is just being truthful but cagey, by emphasizing that the military does not act except on orders of the President/Commander-in-Chief.

They do not get into a discussion of devolution, continuity of government, Trump’s Executive Orders (which Resident Bidon” has renewed!—would the real Joseph R. Biden do that?!), or that Trump might still be the CIC, all of which we surmise is the purpose of Flynn cutting Dave off before Dave would bring up devolution, the Law of War Manual, who the real CIC is, etc.

QUOTE: With more than 33 years of service in the United States military and current Chairman of America’s Future, General Flynn’s military career culminated as the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and as the nation’s highest serving military intelligence officer.

After retiring from the Army in 2014 and as a private citizen, General Flynn went on to serve in a variety of business, educational, and non-profit roles, to include supporting veterans’ organizations around the country, something he continues to do today.

General Flynn is a National Bestselling Author, holds three master’s degrees, and is recipient of numerous military, intelligence and law enforcement awards. …

(Non-clickable screenshot)

We are in an information war and the patriots are winning. Clay Clark run the Time To Free America rallies where he speakers like General Flynn, Kash Patel, Eric Trump and many more talk about our freedom and America. The conversation begins with General Flynn discussing the border.

We have an invasion on the border and the [WEF] is assisting with the invasion. The [WEF] is trying to bring us into the Great Reset and their agenda is failing. The people need to continue to fight back against it.

The military does not work on its own. The elected leaders instruct the military in what to do. The people are waking up the fight against the [DS] is working and we cannot stop now, we must continue to push forward. END QUOTE

Here is the link.


October 10, 2023

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