Wow! Mike Johnson is the 45th (not the 118th) Speaker of the House!

Yesterday, our blog discussed the background of the new Speaker of the House and why Mr. Johnson’s elevation to the post of Speaker is a very heartening sign.

Mr. Scalise did not stutter, nor rush to correct himself. It was not a mistake. Watch this short video clip from CSPAN where we hear House Majority Leader Steve Scalise introducing Mike Johnson as the 45th Speaker of the House.

This comports with those of us who believe that the US Corporation is now defunct (Trump has alluded to that in subtle ways…one being when he walked in front of Queen Elizabeth in 2017.)

The war against the satanic forces of darkness is far from over but this statement by Scalise is signaling that we are already legally back under the original Constitution.

That is why some of us are saying that when Trump returns to the WH, he will be the 19th President of the united States of America, not the 47th President of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (the all caps signifying the U.S. Corporation).

We do not have time today to explain all this further. For those who are not understanding this discussion, it simply means you have some further catching up to do.

This statement by Mr. Scalise is an extraordinarily important sign to those who understand, via the Q drops and the follow-up teachings by Juan O Savin and Dave at X22 Reports and others, what is going on behind the scenes.

As Q has said repeatedly, you are watching a show.” The reason for the show” has been to awaken the vast majority of the American public to the facts that we have been in bondage and we are now in the process of being freed from it.

Of course, biblically, we know that the cabal is what is called Mystery Babylon in the book of Revelation. We know further that we shall not be freed without national repentance, a turning back to our Creator-God and His law.

So, we are not there yet, but this is a phenomenally encouraging sign from some key players on the national scene. Watch for yourself.


October 31, 2023

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