Juan O’ Savin: the current Q drops are fake!

First, the good news. This encouraging and brief talk by Juan runs about 31 minutes.

The following is a summary of notes compiled by others regarding Mr. 107’s remarks to a patriot meeting which occurred on July 11, 2022. Comments in [brackets] and all emphases (except ALL CAPS) are mine—JWB.

QUOTE: Trump closed up Cheyenne Mountain with all the highest Q clearanced Military and created the Space Force to watch over the mountain and protect Cyberspace.

Even though a series of attacks are coming, WE THE PEOPLE will prevail! We already won 4 months ago.

We are the chosen ones to help everyone through this. [Let us not let the you’re the chosen ones” go to our heads. Every human being is a chosen one” in the divine plan. Some are chosen for this; others are chosen for that.

All Juan is saying here is that as people wake up, don’t berate and scold them saying things like, See, I told you so.” Rather, we have been chosen to be awakened earlier than others. And our role as others are just now beginning to awaken is to gently guide them into what I call the trauma of the truth.”]

The D[eep] S[tate] is planning an attack on diesel fuel to stop commerce and an energy sector attack.

The food sources and manufacturing are already being taken out. [We sincerely hope that our readers have long ago been making plans for such contingencies.]

It will get bad within the next 30 to 120 days but after that we will have our Country back!

They [the White Hats] need 80% of the population to be united… [and to some degree red-pilled before the white hat military can act without provoking a civil war.]

Oh, and McAfee got 31TB of data on ALL the pedophiles after inserting a worm” in their computers…AND (something I have known) HE IS STILL ALIVE!


For our readers’ extra credit 😎: In searching around the web for other recent Juan O’ Savin interviews, we found this one which was posted July 3, 2022 on the Pete Santilli channel. It runs 1:42:15. 

Here we found much more information of interest, which begins with these comments by Mr. 107:

We have more of hell to see over the next days, and weeks and months. It’s far from over. We have a gut punch coming.

America needs to cry out to God on a personal, individual level.”

Juan’s makes a strong declaration beginning at about 16:30+/-. As he is discussing the late (or maybe still alive) software multibillionaire John McAfee’s kill switch,” 107 says: what are they going to do… for example, we had some Q Posts—allegedly—the other day, captured operation. Until you see [Q posts in] proximity to 45 [Trump], don’t believe a single thing you see there, by the way…I’ll talk more about that in a few days.”

And further on, similar comments on the captured Q operation” can be found ca. 41:20, where Juan says: …Doesn’t mean it was captured earlier, [but] it is right now.” And there’s more. We did not quite get done hearing the entire interview last night but wanted to get these notes and links out to our readers ASAP.

July 19, 2022

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